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Business Planning: Planning is Modular

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Business Planning: Planning is Modular

By Tim Berry, Guest Blogger
Published: February 12, 2010 Updated: December 12, 2011

Think of your business plan as a matter of blocks, like interrelated pieces. You don’t have to have the whole block structure done before you take any next steps. Start your blocks where you like. Some common blocks are the mantra, the sales forecast, the mission statement , the keys to success, maybe a break-even analysis, or a SWOT, or how about the heart of your plan, as in the whole discussion of who needs your product or service and why and what it is? A sales forecast is a block, and so is an employee or personnel plan, as in laying out month by month how many people will be working in your company, and how much each of them will be paid.


The key here is that you don’t get bogged down on having a finished business plan before you do anything else. You’re planning as you go. You’ve heard the stories of people who spent months developing their plan, but never get started. So instead of that, think of the blocks. Choose where you want to start. Get going.



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About the Author:

Tim Berry
Tim Berry

Guest Blogger

Founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software and bplans.com, on twitter as Timberry, blogging at timberry.bplans.com. His collected posts are at blog.timberry.com. Stanford MBA. Married 44 years, father of 5. Author of business plan software Business Plan Pro and www.liveplan.com and books including The Plan As You Go Business Plan, published by Entrepreneur Press, 2008.


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I would like to offer a suggestion. I find it strange that most companies that sell business plan software recommend that the user of the software should write the Execuative Summary last. I have written in excess of 1,000 business plans and successfully placed over $380,000,000.00 in client financing over the past thirty plus years. The three most important parts of the plan are in general the Summary, the Marketing plan and the finance section. In particular how you plan to repay the loan without going into bankruptcy. In general the rest of the plan is filler. If your going to hire a plan writer allow me a few thoughts. This plan should be looked at like your map to success. Once you receive it review it critically AND HAVE THE WRITER MAKE ANY CORRECTIONS NECESSARY BEFORE PAY THEM.
Business planning really is not a recipe that when all steps are done, then it ends. Business planning is a continuous process that has to be done strategically so that it would be successful. Think of continuous innovation to make your business better remember we as business owners has the power to control our business, what are we going to prioritize. Apartment for Rent in Mandaluyong
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The author is right. Many people fall in a trap to have too many plans but no execution. It is too often that we attended many training and don't know where to start to implement the ideas. Perhaps we should do one thing at a time, evaluate the effectiveness, then move on to the next. easiest credit cards to get
I am starting a business right now and have less ideas on how to go on the flow. Thank you for your post. It really helps. Organic Bedding
Would planning how your business is supposed to serve your life be part of the plan?
Hi Ari, I like how you broken the process down into bit sized chunks. Thats the best way to approach it to avoid overwhelm. Do one section at a time and set deadlines so you follow through and finish the project. With those 2 things working for you, you will succeed.
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