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Business Planning: Strategy

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Business Planning: Strategy

By Tim Berry, Guest Blogger
Published: February 12, 2010 Updated: December 12, 2011

I often suggest building a plan like an artichoke, with its heart in the center and the rest of the plan wrapping up and around it. I also suggests starting anywhere you like, which is a bit of a contradiction, or perhaps just another paradox. You can start anywhere you like, but build your plan around the heart, which implies that the heart comes first. And usually it does.


The heart of the plan, which is also the heart of the business, is made up of a group of three core concepts that can’t be separated: market, identity, and focus. Don’t pull them apart. It’s the interrelationship between them that drives your business.


So let’s look at what I call the heart of the plan-as-you-go business plan, the core strategy, which is this enmeshed combination of the business identity, the target market element, and the strategic focus. I’m going to go through each of these in more detail in the rest of this section, but let’s first establish that they are completely interrelated, and that you never separate any one of them from the other two.


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Tim Berry
Tim Berry

Guest Blogger

Founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software and bplans.com, on twitter as Timberry, blogging at timberry.bplans.com. His collected posts are at blog.timberry.com. Stanford MBA. Married 44 years, father of 5. Author of business plan software Business Plan Pro and www.liveplan.com and books including The Plan As You Go Business Plan, published by Entrepreneur Press, 2008.


Ryanm, I hope you were joking, this was good information. It helped me!
Great article! What about costs? Where do you recommend getting resources explaining the costs of different marketing options?
Have heard other terms such as peeling the onion, but the basics remain the same.
I have just establish a new company. I have some trouble in management.Maybe i had not a cleary business plan. Thank for your sharing it's a wonderful information!
I also in same business, planning play key role of any business success. Without Planning you can't take risk and touch to great success.
Plan a strategy is very important to run a Business. As a webmaster, I would say that it is the same if you want to run a business with a website. The first thing people forget in general regarding the web is the content strategy. We can relate that to a classical business as well. Having a strategy to sell or to communicate is very important, but if you don't have any content focus (for the web), or product guideline (for classical business), it is like having nothing. I strongly recommend to implement a strategy of content which is basically the answer of the question "What do I have to offer my customer ?"
Very inspiring article to build a successful business strategy, a strategy should be evident enough to promote business from all prospect. More such articles should come up from time to time to further help business plans to succeed in current market trend.
oh great article! i am using brain tracy books for plan business... and i am using mindmap(mindject mindmanager) too..
I just bought a business plan.. but we went out of business. J/k!!
Great article! Indeed, every business needs some strategic three core plan to follow, and without one it will most likely lead to less success. You also provided a fantastic example by mentioning that regardless of the plan, it should be built around the heart (or core) of the business.


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