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Business Planning Tutorials

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Business Planning Tutorials

By Stephen Morris, SBA Official
Published: April 26, 2010 Updated: August 18, 2015

Have you struggled with mapping out your business's plan? Is it an item on your To Do List that you keep ignoring? Have you even considered writing one?

Tim Berry, one of The Industry Word authors, has contributed a video series in his area of expertise,
Business Planning.


About the Author:

Stephen Morris

SBA Official

Stephen Morris is online media coordinator for the U.S. Small Business Administration where he manages digital outreach to the small business community.


For me the key thing to remember about a business plan is to make it a living document that is reviewed regularly. Too many plans take months to prepare and then sit in a draw only to reappear a year later to find the world has changed!
I think the thinng to remember here is that a business plan doesnt have to be a long fancy thing. Just the steps you plan on taking, written out.
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making a proper detailed plan always puts you in good stead. Once you have the spider's web of plans and concepts, it is then easy to brainstorm and use this as a roadmap for testing your goals and setting landmarks for performance targets. It also helps when trying to secure funding, and in many cases also to gain high profile clients.
Hi Stephen and Tim, ok here's my question. I have gone around and around with Business Plan software. The learning curve on this software can be pretty daunting. Plus, they all want pages and pages of information. Do you have an outline of the top five or 10 things I should include on my business plan? And can I just write it in Microsoft Word? Thanks, Josh
Hi, Starting a business all alone requires a lot of planning and a proper strategy is required for doing any business. I am planning to start a new business, so can you give me some suggestions how to go about with it. Thanks in advance!
Great topic, but "Business Plan" covers a lot of ground. Hope this posts gets into more details.
Very good topic. I'm new here and overwhelmed by so much information. Will stick around to contribute when I can.
An important aspect in business is the identification of a target market or customer mapping. Thanks for sharing the info.
The business plan can personally benefit the entrepreneurial team. Creating a business plan can be enormously fulfilling and exhilarating, but it is also an anxiety-ridden and tense experience. Usually a great deal of money is at stake, and the consequences of poor decisions can affect many people for a long time.


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