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Business Planning Tutorials

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Business Planning Tutorials

By Stephen Morris, SBA Official
Published: April 26, 2010 Updated: August 18, 2015

Have you struggled with mapping out your business's plan? Is it an item on your To Do List that you keep ignoring? Have you even considered writing one?

Tim Berry, one of The Industry Word authors, has contributed a video series in his area of expertise,
Business Planning.


About the Author:

Stephen Morris

SBA Official

Stephen Morris is online media coordinator for the U.S. Small Business Administration where he manages digital outreach to the small business community.


What is the best way to make a business plan, sometimes I get really confused about all this, and also how can I use marketing in an efficient way I'm asking this because sometimes it's really overwhelming when you just don't see results... I really could use some help... Please...
I would like to know what do you thing is the first step towards a successful business plan - I mean is the very first step what size of budged to you have or is it anything else, I would really appreciate your answer.
How will us measure the success of our relationship marketing efforts and our quick hit program?
how do i go about finding franchisees?
That's a pretty in dept resource, but when I click on any of the subheadings the only thing that happens is the page scrolls back to the top. Someone above mentioned freemind, another great piece of mind mapping software is The Brain from thebrain.com, its excellent for laying out plans visually.
Do whichever helps you get into the planning. Don't confuse output with plan. The plan is a combination of strategy of what's going to happen, why, who's going to do what, when, and how much that what is going to cost in expense and generate in sales. It lives on your computer. You review it regularly and revise it when assumptions change. Both the written plan and the pitch presentation are outputs of the plan, summarizing the plan, sharing the plan in different media, either written down for reading, or broken into slides for presenting live. Use either one to help you generate the real plan, it doesn't matter. But do in all cases make sure there is the real plan at the core, and that either pitch or document are summaries of that real plan as it existed at the time those summaries were produced. Both pitch and document should become obsolete very quickly.
How can I obtain cash to maintain and grow my business?
How do I use a start-up committee or advisory group without revealing my whole business idea?
Hay Steve, Can u share me some Blog , from where i can get some tips for making a good Business website. ???
Do we have to always start a business with a business plan? Is it always essential? Writing a business plan makes me sick. It is so painful!


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