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Business.gov Community Hits 15,000 Members and Celebrates Two Super Contributors

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Business.gov Community Hits 15,000 Members and Celebrates Two Super Contributors

By JimD
Published: October 20, 2010

The Business.gov Community hit over 15,000 members early last week. This marks a great milestone for Business.gov and the Open Government Initiative.

President Barak Obam;s first executive action was the Open Government Memorandum. It calls for the government to be transparent, participatory, and collaborative. When the Business.gov community launched in early 2009, it quickly became a way for small business owners to collaborative with each other and the government. Registered members increased three fold in the past year, growing an average of 30 members a day.

Not only has the Community grown to over 15,000, but two members, BizResearcher and phanio, have earned the rank of Super Contributor. Members receive ranks based on number of logins, number of posts, and overall time online.


Super Contributor

Number of Posts



Number of Logins



Number of Minutes Online



When phanio was asked why he continues to regularly participant in the Community, he sai-.

The Business.gov is grateful for his and BizResearche's continued participation in the Community.

From finding information on SBA loans programs, registering a business, hiring employees to learning from othe's experiences, the Business.gov Community provides potential, current, and retired small business owners a platform. If you have't already, join the community to participate and collaborate with other members and the government.

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