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Celebrating the People of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Celebrating the People of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Published: November 17, 2011 Updated: September 1, 2016

<p>As a former entrepreneur, I know that it is the talent of the people with the big ideas and the ability to execute that will ultimately build a company and put it on a trajectory towards success.&nbsp; It is those dreamers and those doers that can transform our daily lives by the products they imagine and create or the services they share and provide.&nbsp; As we celebrate <a href=" Entrepreneurship Month</a> and <a href="">Global Entrepreneurship Week</a>, I am inspired by the movement to celebrate entrepreneurship as an important means to create jobs and revive our economy.</p><p>At the SBA, we&rsquo;re doing some big things to provide more entrepreneurs with a platform to more easily start and grow their businesses.&nbsp; We have heard from over 1,000 of you and so we are championing several initiatives to <a href=" remove unnecessary barriers</a>.&nbsp; For example, from our very first listening session, we heard how burdensome student loans can be &ndash; and the President is acting on those suggestions now, such as by improving the terms on <a href=" "> student loan repayment </a> to recent graduates.&nbsp;</p><p>We also know how difficult it can be to obtain capital, particularly in underserved areas, so the SBA launched an <a href=" Impact Investment Initiative</a>, which will provide matching capital to private funds committed to getting necessary growth capital to areas of the country and growing businesses in certain place-based and sector-based portfolio companies.&nbsp;</p><p>And finally, entrepreneurs care most about obtaining customers.&nbsp; That includes the federal government, which is the world&rsquo;s largest buyer of goods and services.&nbsp;Navigating the federal government should be easier for small businesses.&nbsp; So we&rsquo;ve created centralized portals for&nbsp; small businesses looking for procurement, grant and other funding opportunities, whether you are a <a href="">clean energy small business</a> or an early-stage <a href="">R&amp;D business</a>.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>It&rsquo;s important that entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with the wherewithal, desire, patience, and tenacity to build American companies can do so.&nbsp; It is a cause we know is important to the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m particularly pleased to see the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services moving forward with by implementing <a href=" Administrative improvements</a> to assist high-skilled immigrants to stay in the U.S. and create good, U.S. jobs.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Entrepreneurs do a lot for their companies &ndash; from technology solutions that make our lives easier to improving our health and education systems &ndash; and so it is great &ndash; and important &ndash; that the government salutes them this month, and this week.</p>

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