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  • Consumers have it easy—they use their Social Security number to file their taxes, open up a bank account, and obtain a credit card. When it comes to businesses, however, things can get complicated; you usually have to use a different number for various purposes. Here are the numbers you...
  • Perhaps the most popular form of business entity today is the limited liability company (LLC). According to the Fall 2008 IRS Statistics of Income Bulletin, LLCs increased by 11.3% over the previous year for a total of 1.6 million of these entities for 2006 (the most recent year for statistics)....
  • When you’re in business, in addition to any people who have ownership interests in your company, the government—federal, state, and local—is your silent partner. Like all partners, the government wants its share of your profits, which it takes in the form of taxes. But like any...