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  • Do you need a business plan? This is for you. You don’t? But wait a minute, don’t you want to manage your business better? Can you afford not to do your best?I’m very happy with my business plan tutorials on this site. This is a series of short videos about business planning for...
  • Are you running a business? Thinking of starting one? Trying to grow one? Even if you don’t need a business plan to show to bankers or investors, don’t cheat yourself out of planning. Here are 10 ways to get going with planning to help you steer your business. Call 10 customers....
  • What would happen if we redefined dieting and exercise as, say, exaggerated starvation dieting and brutal injury-prone-over-exercise such as running a marathon without training first? People would advise against diet and exercise, right?That's about what happens when you swallow some or all of the...