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Embedded Videos Update

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Embedded Videos Update

By AriM
Published: March 23, 2010 Updated: February 10, 2011

One of the newest features on Business.gov is embedded videos. You can now view videos on various small business topics on a growing number of our pages, including a new, 13-part video series on business planning.

Small Business Videos from Across the Government

In June, we shared our plans to launch videos on Business.gov. Since then, we've rolled out ten embedded videos on a variety of small business topics. These videos are sourced exclusively from other government web sites and are stored on our YouTube channel. You can also find some of our videos in our finance & business law sections of Business.gov. We are gradually adding videos every month, so expect to see more as time progresses.

New Business Planning Videos from Tim Berry

Business.gov is also proud to present a series of videos created exclusively for Business.gov by The Industry Word guest blogger, Tim Berry. Tim has extensive business planning experience and has created a 13-video series to help business owners - at any stage of business - understand the entire business planning process. Tim also plans to answer questions related to his videos or business planning in general in the Business.gov Community. To view these videos, visit the Business Planning Tutorials page.

New YouTube Player - Fully Accessible to Individuals with Disabilities

To ensure the highest levels of quality and accessibility for all our users, we've modified the standard YouTube player. All of the videos have closed captioning for the hearing impaired and each player is controllable by keyboard controls or text controls. Business.gov is proud to announce that this player is available for any person or government agency to use. Full details about implementing this player are available on the 508 compliant video page.

We encourage your feedback, so feel free to leave comments about the videos here, and don't forget to stay tuned to In the Loop for more updates!

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Some of the videos don't have closed captioning.

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