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Freshening Up for Fall: 3 Ways to Tidy Your Small Business

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Freshening Up for Fall: 3 Ways to Tidy Your Small Business

By plester, Former Contributor
Published: August 25, 2014

Summer is nearly over, signaling the start of school for students and teachers and the end of the fiscal year for the federal government and businesses throughout the country. This change of seasons is also a good opportunity to take a break from the frantic day-to-day grind and find new ways to reboot your small business. Let’s call it a bit of spring-cleaning for fall.

Here are just a few ways you can tidy up your business and improve operations:

1. Refresh your website and social media channels. Analyze your website metrics to identify how pages are performing. If high priority areas such as online shops or product listing pages are not generating a lot of web traffic or repeat visitors, you may need to make a few changes. For instance, if few visits come from search engines, update your site content and HTML coding to include more-frequently used and relevant terms. This will help improve your site’s search engine ranking, increasing the likelihood potential customers will find your products and services. Diagnose landing pages to see how users are interacting with content. If the average time spent on important pages is low, consider doing some usability testing to find ways to improve user experience such as changing the layout or design of your website.

Also, monitor social media metrics to see what your online audience is interested in and track what is being said about your products. Engage with existing and future customers on social media by answering any questions they may have. This is a great way to show off your customer service skills, build your brand and grow your customer base. In addition, explore targeted advertising on social media channels to see if makes strategic and economic sense for your business.

2. Boost up bookkeeping. The tail end of the fiscal year is also a good time to get your financial house in order. Review your transactions and make sure there are no outstanding incoming or outgoing payments. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and receipts for tax-filing season. Update your cash flow statements and see if there are any opportunities to increase profit margins such as working with wholesalers to get better deals on products, shopping around for more affordable services and vendors and slashing prices to increase sales. Also, check with your lenders to see if you can negotiate lower interest rates on any business-related loans you have taken out. Explore mobile apps or software that can make accounting easier and lighten the paperwork load, saving you time ­– and maybe more important – money.

3. Glance back at your new year’s goals. Revaluate the business goals you established at the beginning of the year to determine if those objectives are realistic given current economic and market conditions. Pick one or two new short-term goals that will have a long-term impact and align with your business plan and strategy. Also, take time out to celebrate the goals you have accomplished, which are making your dream of owning and successfully running a small business a reality.

About the Author:

Paul Lester

Former Contributor

I am an author for the the Community, writing about topics that matter to you as a small business owner. Our ongoing goal is to improve this site to meet your needs, so we're happy to receive your feedback and participation. Thanks for joining our online Community here at!


Great advice for any business to follow. Like you said, it's hard to step back from the day to day grind, but you really need to do it every so often to evaluate where your business is at. Without doing so, you risk letting small things slip by and build up into a larger problem. Regarding websites and social media profiles, if you're not constantly refining these, then the change of seasons can be a good reminder to take a look. Have someone new look at your site. It's good to have a fresh perspective once in a while!
After following the first tip "Refresh your website and social media channels", my website is now ranking better, +120,000 positions according to alexa global rank.
Social Media is the most important thing for small business as they help in branding nd marketing your product in a cheaper way and selected variety of audience.
Social media is crucial for any company nowadays, it is the new way on how to directly communicate with the consumers. Having an account or a website is as easy as a brick but the real question here is how can a company maximize it's digital media opportunities. One should know how to lead its consumers and control them because in reality, social media can boost your organization but on the other hand it can also destroy your company if not properly managed.
Social Media is crucial for your business, only if your consumers are on social media. That is not everybody uses social media, or does it often enough to return the investment of your SEM campaigns. However, most people use search engine, thus an SEO strategy might be more effective, however, again not necessarily. Try to research where within online space do your customers dwell, and after you do, focus your marketing efforts there.
great tips. The reminder to start now to prepare for tax time is one so many businesses overlook. Bookkeeping may not be as sexy as facebook, however it is vital to a business' health.
Giving feel fresh to the business is required before the start of winters & that can be effectively through social media. So hard work needs to be done to review the business plan & goals from time to time.
I use a service from web dot com called Reputationalert that shows me the relevant conversations. Saves me time for logging into all my social media channels one-by-one. Creating and nurturing the community can help bring more traffic to your site but also to your business.
Its really a very meaning full and awesome blog post. I am very happy to read such types of social media blog.You have mentioned three points about social media marketing. Thanks for sharing such effective and usefell tips and techniques.
Very useful piece of information shared, where every importance needs to be paid to uplift the condition of existing business, where every necessary actions like reviewing business strategy or refreshing social media or websites to be done on random basis, to make the consumers to get hooked to it.


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