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GSA and SBA Open Doors to Small Businesses. Literally.

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GSA and SBA Open Doors to Small Businesses. Literally.

By Marie Johns, Former Deputy Administrator
Published: January 18, 2013 Updated: January 18, 2013

Editor's Note: This blog is co-authored by GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini and SBA Deputy Administrator Marie Johns. It was originally posted on GSA's blog.

Sometimes small businesses looking to do business with the federal government just need a little help getting the process started. That’s why the U.S. General Services Administration, in partnership with the Small Business Administration, hosted a small business open house and procurement fair at its headquarters today in Washington, D.C.

Delivering on President Obama’s commitment to helping America’s small businesses grow and prosper, GSA and SBA opened their doors to nearly 400 small business owners from across the country to provide information to small business on opportunities to work and partner with Federal agencies. Businesses also received updates on the Administration’s small business initiatives and resources available to them in their local communities. The event was held to coincide with 2013 Presidential inaugural activities, where many small business owners would be visiting the Nation’s Capital.

The open house kicked off with welcoming remarks from GSA Acting  Administrator Dan Tangherlini and Deputy SBA Administrator Marie Johns.

“We are here today to help you because we know the value that your businesses can provide the federal government and the American people, said GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini. “Expanding opportunities for small businesses is part of our mission and we will continue to strengthen these partnerships and support the success of our vendors.”

“This event is just the latest example of SBA’s commitment to to providing the access and opportunity they need to build successful businesses that create good jobs,” said SBA Administrator Marie Johns. Since President Obama took office, SBA has supported more than $104 billion in lending to more than 185,000 small businesses.

Each year since taking office, the Administration has provided nearly $100 billion in contracts to small businesses, with 2011 and 2012 being the two highest years of lending for SBA ever.  GSA works closely with SBA to assist small businesses in helping the government improve efficiencies and bring savings back to the taxpayer. Last fiscal year, GSA was rated an “A+” for exceeding SBA small business contracting goals in nearly all categories.

Together, SBA, GSA and the Obama administration will be with small businesses every step of the way – helping build businesses and a stronger, more durable middle class.

About the Author:

Marie Johns

Former Deputy Administrator

Marie Johns is a former Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. 


I sincerely enjoyed reading this informative article. I never GSA knew was opening the doors to small businesses. Excellent article. Thanks
So great to see a high-ranking government official acknowledging the "value that your businesses can provide the federal government and the American people". Small business do provide value to the government.
Marie, I am a small business owner that provides Professional Engineering Services to manufacturing companies in the midwest. I have been contacted by third parties to help me get registared in the GSA program. Do you recommend using of a third party, or should I just do it following the GSA instructions and avoid the expense? If you suggest the use of a third party, do you have particular third parties that you recommend? Thanks for your help,
This is great information to know as an employee who is looking to work from home. I also find the comments very helpful as well!!
I really enjoyed attending this event while in D.C. for Inauguration activities. My 8(a) certified company Professional Fire & Safety from Brookhaven, Ms has really grown from many of the SBA tools. Mr.John Shoraka's prior experience in the business world was clearly demonstrated in his presentation and the way he answered our questions. Ms. Bridget Bean's clarity of purpose in her role as a moderator helped to maximize a lot of talented presenters in a short period time. The icing on the cake was the face time and patience from these two and many others in the vendor area. And I thought Mississippi had the Hospitality sewn up. Thanks for wonderful experience and all that you do!

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