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I Need Money - Where do I get it?

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I Need Money - Where do I get it?

By JamieD
Published: August 26, 2010 Updated: September 3, 2015

Is there any government funding to start a __________ company?
I decided to start a __________ business but I'm having trouble getting the financing I need.
I need a grant for my __________ business. Where can I get it?

Does this sound like you? If so, then you probably have a lot in common with your fellow Community members. Each day, the Loans, Grants, and Taxes forum is filled with posts asking for general help in finding money for small businesses. The type of business and financing need varies, but the bottom line remains the same - business owners need money and they're looking for as much guidance as possible in getting it. Well this week you're in luck because we're dedicating this article making sure you know what we know...

If you're looking for a small business grant, you probably won't find it...

Receiving a grant may sound like the ideal financial situation for a business owner - get the funds you need without the heavy strings of repayment. Unfortunately, government grants are not intended to serve this purpose. There are no grants for starting a business, paying off debt, or covering operating expenses. Federal and state government agencies do not provide small business grants, nor are there grants for small business owners through the Recovery Act.

For more information on the presence of grants in the small business community, check out these Small Business Cents articles:

Applying for a loan is a much better option...

Although the government does not lend money to small businesses, it does provide guaranties to lenders. Government-backed small business loans provide more security for lenders, making them more likely to approve an application. One "hot" option may be SBA's Microloan Program. The Microloan Program is designed to provide small (up to $35,000) loans to as many small businesses as possible. Because of its success, the program just received additional funding through the Recovery Act to continue their efforts.
For more information on obtaining government-backed loans or finding general loan opportunities check out these community blogs:

Poor credit history or other financial troubles isn't always a deal-breaker...

Many small business owners have found themselves with money troubles in the last few years. Although bad credit or built up debt is certainly a setback, it doesn't mean that you don't have options. Specialty lenders, community banks, and credit unions are all examples of alternative financing options that may come into play in these situations.
For more information on recovering from financial trouble and finding alternative financing, check out these community blogs: 

A bit of additional information...

Regardless of your credit history or the current state of the economy, small business owners have many options when applying for loans. Many smaller lenders have continued to provide small business funds during the economic downturn. Check out Business.gov's Loans and Grants Search Tool to set specific criteria for your business and location to find available financing that fits your situation.

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I think if you have website you can earn money from google adsense adn youtube ads.
earn money from google adsense and youtube is good , but you must have websites . And you have time to build site . Good luck
I think that is not easy to find genuine ways to work from home. All we need money, better if we can make them working from home. There are for sure different and multiple ways to earn online, important is to find something that is really working. I have find a great website that offer you great opportunity to work from home. If you want to work online and to have finally a financial freedom than check.    This post was edited to remove a link. Please review our Community Best Practices for more information about how best to participate in our online discussions. Thank you.
i believe you should do as i am planning on doing. first work in a company that's in the same area as the one you want to start. this way you'll get some money but most of all experience. start small and then gradually moove to something bigger. what's important about experience is that you'll be to know what it's your company about so well, that you'll be able to convince investors to invest in your idea. if you got the best business plan in the world but you can't deliver your idea properly you'll loose your time. Work-get exprience and money- Find investors for a smaller company- Then get to a bigger company - etc.
It is often difficult for established small businesses to get loans . So you can ask your friend to give you money
It is often difficult for established small businesses to get loans. For startups the challenge is significantly higher. Assuming you can get orders from creditworthy businesses or government agencies for goods or services, invoice factoring is an alternative to consider. It is scalable and factoring discount fees can often be at least partially offset with concession from suppliers. It is cheaper than taking on equity investors.
use loans if you need it . But I think you can ask your friend to borrow money before you use loans .
I think if you website you can earn money from google adsense . Also you can use loans .
Every day people are still looking foer business start up grants in the search engines. I wish I could send them all to this article that details this clearly with several excellent links for more information. One thing I would like to see on our .gov sites as this is references to online businesses and how whatever the article is about affecting these home business and small business owners.
Several years ago, I opened an online book keeping account called mint.com. It was owned by Intuit, so most of the ads and other services offered seemed very credible and trustworthy to me. One ad that kept showing up was a recommendation to park some of my cash in a Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending site in order to acquire higher than bank yields conservatively while investing in fellow Americans. I finally looked into it and I was immediately drawn to how clever, convenient, and necessary this service was! If you are like me, you are always looking for the next big idea or wave. I believe the current economy has created the necessity for P2P lending as the needs are so great and the banks and credit card companies are squeezing out the regular guy making harder to get cash when you need it. The fact is that most of the P2P sites have plenty of investors, but they are low on borrowers. So if you are in need of some money, P2P is also a great way to get an unsecured loan in the $2K-$35K range.


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