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Idea Exchange: Share Your Energy Saving Tips

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Idea Exchange: Share Your Energy Saving Tips

Published: March 4, 2010

Lately, sustainability and green business has been a hot topic amongst small businesses. By conserving energy, not only do small businesses reduce their carbon footprint, but also reduce their energy consumption and their operating costs. In our monthly Idea Exchange, where we pose questions to the Community about various topics, as well as the content, features or services provided by Business.gov, we asked members to;Share Your Energy Saving Tips-

Her-s what our members had to say about how they greened their small business:

Environmentally Friendly Power Sources and Products

Waste Reduction

  • Turn Off Unnecessary Appliances. According to rchrdwellington, a simple action like turning off the lights is an easy and effective way for reducing the amount of wasted energy. Unplugging computers and turning off appliances that you are not using will also reduce energy consumption. Learn more energy saving tips for lighting at Business.gov.
  • Share Office Supplies. shoplet mentioned that he hardly ever uses a stapler or tape, so why have one for each person in the office? By sharing office supplies, small businesses can reduce overhead costs and save the environment at the same time.
  • Recycle. Recycling materials and supplies reduces unnecessary waste. Goodprinter suggested recycling ink cartridges is a small yet significant step towards reducing waste. Learn more about waste reduction practices at Business.gov.
  • Reduce Paper Waste. SundownSlim acknowledges that businesses use (and waste) a considerable amount of paper. By adjusting the margins for printed documents and defaulting printers to print double-sided, businesses can cut down on the amount of wasted paper. He also suggested posting reminders and office competitions as incentives for employees to actively minimize the waste of paper. Read about how to use paper efficiently and save money by going paperless at Business.gov.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an idea to showcase their tips for conserving energy. We hope that these ideas motivate you to make your business more energy efficient or inspire you to start a green business. If you would like to read all the responses or see past idea exchanges, visit the Past Idea Exchange board.

More Resources on Greening Your Business

Wha's Next for the Idea Exchange?

The current idea exchange'For What Industries Are You Seeking Loans and Grants Information?will run until April 7. Please submit your thoughts and vote on the ideas you agree with by clicking Kudos!

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I really enjoyed reading through your text. I think that every man should consider at least replacing CFL energy saving bulbs with LED lights.
This is a great summary. I endorse the ideas about using energy efficient lighting, as for many larger businesses and warehosues etc. Lighting can take up a very large amount of power which equates to big power bills - the larger the store/warehouse, the bigger the power bill. Retro-fitting a warehouse is possible through the use of led par floods and MR16 lighting for instance, and I certainly encourage those establishment new business premises to use LED lighting from the beginning. Talk to your architect and /or designer and insist on LED lighting.

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