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Idea Exchange: Traditional and New Media Marketing

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Idea Exchange: Traditional and New Media Marketing

By JimD
Published: August 5, 2010

How can traditional marketing techniques be changed to accommodate the rise of new media marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online coupons, and email campaigns? Traditional marketing and new media marketing can be integrated to cross promote your business and hit different potential customers. Trying to find synergies between tradition and new media marketing, we asked the Community to share with us what the;ve done and wha-s worked for them. We asked How do you use traditional and new media marketing together'

Her's what our members had to say about traditional and new media marketing:

It Takes a Combination, But the Mix Varies

orangeranger and JoGarrett, as well as many other community members, agree that a combination of traditional and new media marketing is necessary. JoGarrett says'a mix of the two is ideal, though what that mix is will vary depending on who your customers are' moneyandrisk adds that both marketing techniques should be dictated by the customers.

When and Where to Use New Media Marketing

Depending on your customers, industry, and location, new media marketing can be implemented differently.

ChadL says that a lot of people put links to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets on traditional marketing, such as newspaper ads and business cards. entrepreneur uses traditional marketing to drive target audiences to promotional pages online. Once the customer is online, they can get more information compared to news advertisements. Other businesses, however, have implemented social media directly onto their websites, or use only social media to put out their message. Some small businesses find it easier and more cost effective to have a Facebook page rather than their own website.

Location is another important consideration when decided whether or not to implement new media marketing. brittles had a good example of why new media marketing might be used differently in different locations. A restaurant owner in New York City might want to do more social media to get their name out there since competition is higher for restaurants in NYC compared to a small rural town.

Adding New Media Marketing to your Toolkit

SieEnt states there is a'gold mine of data. You just have to mine it' Many people use new media as a way to gauge custome's reactions. With new media marketing, the price to change or experiment is much cheaper. Certain keywords or phrases can be changed and tracked much easier than traditional marketing.

Some of our community members said that with the new age of marketing, traditional marketing should not be forgotten. tomadams believes that social media is the new shiny object and has its place, but traditional media still does much of the heavy lifting. New media marketing techniques should be added to your toolkit but not necessarily replace traditional methods. However, when using traditional and new media marketing, chremp says it is important to'send a consistent message regardless of the marketing method.

As technology continues to change, businesses need to evaluate how they can adjust. harrisbrown reminded everyone that marketing is the very heart of the business. Stepping into different media as the technology grows keeps your business innovative and competitive.

Thanks to everyone who shared how they have used traditional and new media marketing. If you would like to read all the responses or see past idea exchanges, visit the Idea Exchange board.

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