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Idea Exchange: For What Industries Are You Seeking Loans and Grants Information?

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Idea Exchange: For What Industries Are You Seeking Loans and Grants Information?

Published: April 9, 2010

Business.gov developed the Loans and Grants Search Tool to help small business owners locate financing programs. While our database already covers a number of industries like agriculture, child care, and manufacturing, we would like to expand into others as well.

In this mont;s Idea Exchange, we asked the Community-For What Industries Are You Seeking Loans and Grants Information?

Her's a summary of the submissions that we received:

  • Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair mikenmelissa420 has been running an industrial cleaning service for 18 years, but recently lost his largest contract. He is looking for a grant to help cover expenses.
  • Health Care ladybno1 is looking for ways to fund an adult day care in her community. For those looking for financial assistance in the health care industry, you can use the Loans and Grants Search Tool and check off'health car' in the industry section.
  • Retailjshegog65 is having difficulty balancing his busines's cash flow. Used copier machines orders are coming in faster than he has capital to fill in the orders.
  • Financial Services joelong12 would like to find grants to hire veterans for his insurance brokerage firm.
  • Sports, Fitness, Recreation - Wayne is looking for grants to start a fitness center in Ohio.
  • Real Estate, Housing, Rental Services ­- mrhelpful would like to learn more about residential and real estate lending.
  • Food Related Business - ggmatei is planning to start a restaurant business.

Almost all members who submitted ideas this month asked about grants. While there are business grants available, they are generally only available to non-profits, educational institutions, and state and local agencies. Read more about the truth about government grants in our blog here.

There are other financing options available to small businesses in financial need. Some states offer grants to businesses for specific industries such as child care, energy efficient technology, and tourism. If your business does not fall under those industries, you can look into government-backed loans such as the SBA's Microloan Program. Learn more about other ways to fund your business in Business.gov's Small Business Loans and Grants Guide.

What's Next for the Loans and Grants Tool?

Thanks to everyone who submitted an idea to help expand the Loans and Grants Tool. We will review your comments and incorporate your suggestions in our research calendar. If you would like to read all the responses or see past idea exchanges, visit the Past Idea Exchange board.

More Loans and Grants Resources:

What Is Next for the Idea Exchange?

The current idea exchange What's one step you've taken to reduce your business's carbon footprint? will run until May 5. Please submit your thoughts and vote on the ideas you agree with by clicking Kudos!

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