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Idea Exchange: What training classes did you take to help you prepare for your business?

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Idea Exchange: What training classes did you take to help you prepare for your business?

By ZanetaB
Published: October 21, 2009

Not all small businesses are started by business savants. Most budding business owners enlist the help of mentors or enroll in courses to help them get started. There are several free counseling and training programs available locally and online designed to help small businesses, and we want to know which ones our Community members found valuable.

In our monthly Idea Exchange, we pose questions to the Community about various topics, as well as the content, features or services provided by Business.gov. In September, we asked 'What training classes did you take to help you prepare for your business?' Here's what you had to say:

  • Entrepreneurial Studies Classes - DHorning shared how an entrepreneurial class at a local university helped him to learn how to develop a comprehensive business plan. He said '... in the end, I had 40 pages of projections, costs, and valuable research that made me feel confident about going into business for myself.'

    Many local community colleges offer entrepreneur-type classes. Some are listed as continuing education or workforce development courses, depending on the college. While not free, these classes are often affordable and convenient options for business owners who don't want to enroll as a full-time student.

  • Help from SCORE and the Chamber of Commerce - One member, LurMkr, gave a detailed account of how his local SCORE and the Chamber of Commerce offices provided guidance when he was considering turning his 'hobby' into a business. 38 years later, the business is still running strong! Click here to check out his full story.
  • Self-Employment Assistance Program - This program shared by Mvovakes is designed to encourage and enable unemployed workers to create their own jobs by starting their own small businesses. As he stated, only a handful of states, like New York and Washington, offer a Self-Employment Assistance Program, so check with your local State Workforce Agency to find out if it is available.

  • Financial Literacy and Debt Management Courses - The courses that made the most impact for Bozdahova turned out to be one that he took after starting his business. Looking to dig out of debt, this member took free courses to develop a debt relief strategy. Locate your local SBDC to find out about financial literacy courses and counseling near you.

Thanks to everyone who shared information about helpful training programs. New and existing business owners alike can benefit from your recommendations.

To find out about other training opportunities check out the Small Business Training and Assistance page. Here you will find out about online tools and resources, in-person services near you, and state programs designed to assist small businesses.

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