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Idea Exchange: What Would You Like to Discuss in the Community?

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Idea Exchange: What Would You Like to Discuss in the Community?

By ZanetaB
Published: August 26, 2010

What is an Idea Exchange?

Each month the Business.gov team presents a question to the community for feedback on the content, features or services provided by Business.gov. This is the chance for members, and more importantly business owners, to tell us what kind of information and services they need to start and manage their businesses

How Does an Idea Exchange Work?

Members are encouraged to submit their own ideas or comment and vote on the ideas they think are the best. Any member can vote on an idea by giving 'Kudos!' - just look for the orange box with a star!

Each idea in the Idea Exchange will go through phases. The first phase involves launching the question and asking for ideas, comments and votes. In the second phase, the Business.gov team will close and review each idea, consider and implement the ones that best fit the question at hand.

Once the second phase begins, we will set a 'Closed for Review' status as we evaluate the suggestions. Some ideas status may change depending on whether they are accepted and implemented. For example, in the most recent exchange we have already implemented the Helping folks to get started and Small Business Opportunities, Grants, Benefits ideas, and their status has changed to reflect this. But more on that in the next section ...

What are the Results of the Last Idea Exchange?

Shortly after the Business.gov Community launched in February 2009, we started the first Idea Exchange. From February until the end of May we asked members What kind of topics would you like to see discussed in this Community?

We'd like to extend our thanks to all who participated! There were 10 ideas submitted during 18 week period, with plenty of discussion and voting. Of the 10 ideas, here are the ones where some action has occurred, whether it was initiated by the Business.gov team or a community member in the discussion forums.

  • Helping Folks Get Started - DawnRiversBaker suggested a 'welcome' board to encourage members introduce themselves and their business. We thought this would be a great addition to the Community and so did our members - it received 3 Kudos! and many comments - and thus the Introduce Yourself board was born. To date we have over 1000 discussion posts, where business owners are welcoming each other and networking about their business. Thanks Dawn for your great idea!

The result from this Idea Exchange seems to be, 'if you want to discuss a topic then start a thread in the discussion forums.' I hope you will follow suit and start a discussion today.

What's Next for the Idea Exchange

The current idea exchange Where Do You Typically Go for Business Advice?, started in early June will run until July 7. So you still have time to submit your thoughts and vote on the ideas you agree with most by clicking Kudos!

We encourage your feedback and are really looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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I think the idea for the welcoming board is a great idea it gives people the ability to list there business and introduce themselves. Places like this are great! It's link a large think tank. Thanks for this great resource for business owners MD Medical Doctor Suicide Education Message Edited by ZanetaB on 08-06-2009 05:17 PM

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