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LIVE from Small Business Week: SCORE Chapter of the Year

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LIVE from Small Business Week: SCORE Chapter of the Year

By danielc
Published: May 20, 2011 Updated: May 20, 2011

Each year, SCORE helps give thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow their businesses and create jobs.  This year’s SCORE Chapter of the Year is the East Central Iowa SCORE, who we just honored at the Entrepreneurial Development and Lender Awards breakfast here at National Small Business Week.  The number of clients the East Central Iowa SCORE chapter served increased an incredible 93% in 2010.  I talked with Chapter Chair Greg Tomsic.  Here’s what he had to say:

Can you describe the area you work in?Greg Tomsic and Dick Weeks recieving their award at Small Business Week

Our SCORE chapter covers 2700 square miles in Iowa.  There are over 15,000 small businesses in the area.

How does it feel to be the SCORE chapter of the year?

It’s a tremendous honor.  We were selected by our peers, 13,000 former executives who are now SCORE volunteers.

What sets the East Central Iowa SCORE chapter apart?

This year, we tried to reach more of the public than ever.  In 44 years of the East Central Iowa SCORE, we’ve never reached more people than we did last year.

What advice do you have for small business owners?

Visit SCORE.  You have nothing to lose, and the price is right—it’s free.  SCORE is populated by people who have been there, done that, and done it well.  You’re getting advice from the executives who have made this country what it is.

What advice do you have for other SCORE volunteers?

My advice is to try as hard as possible to reach as many people as possible.  But they don’t need my advice.  They all do a good job.

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