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LIVE from Small Business Week: Seth Goldman from Honest Tea

LIVE from Small Business Week: Seth Goldman from Honest Tea

By danielc
Published: May 19, 2011

The forums at National Small Business Week are a great way for small business owners to learn new tips and tricks from entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that.”  We just sat in on the forum on Strategies for High-Growth, High-Impact Firms.  Afterwards, we stood in line to talk with Seth Goldman, the President and CEO of Honest Tea, which he co-founded out of his home in 1998.  Honest Tea is a successful green company, combining an environmentally-friendly approach with a popular product.  We only had time for two quick questions:


Speakers at the National Small Business Week High-Growth, High-Impact Forum

What advice do you have to small business owners out there?

Make sure you believe in what you’re doing.  I know it sounds simplistic, but it helps drive you, it helps motivate you, and it helps motivate your employees as well.


This forum was on high-growth, high-impact businesses.  What does high-growth, high-impact mean to you?

For us, high-growth is sales.  And our sales is our impact, because we have a “mission in a bottle.”  Every bottle we sell advances our mission.

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