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Marketing Plan 101: Who’s Your Customer?

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Marketing Plan 101: Who’s Your Customer?

Published: January 12, 2012 Updated: December 30, 2013

In recent weeks, I’ve met with a couple of small business clients seeking to establish social media marketing strategies. On each occasion, we sat down and I asked them questions about their business and their primary customer. While they could have talked for hours about their product, its benefits and how superior it is to all others, my request to describe specifically who their customer is was met with hesitance and sometimes complete silence. Cue the crickets.


At this point, let’s forget about the social media marketing strategy that was requested.  To sell your product via any channel, you have to know to whom you are selling. For this, research is needed. Start with your educated guess. Your product is a lotion. Who’s your customer? Anyone who has skin, right? Wrong. You have to get more specific.


Is the product for men or women? Of what age: babies, tweens, teenagers or adults? Is it primarily for someone with extremely dry skin, or is it fragrant and meant to be worn as a scent similar to a perfume or cologne? Would it be found on the shelves of Target or sold at the cosmetic counters of Nordstrom or Saks? Your answer to these questions will drive your marketing efforts. You can start finding those answers by researching your customers by demographic, psychographic, and geographic segmentation:



Demographics will help you put a face with your product; psychographics will help you get to know the person to which that face is attached; and the geographic information will tell you where to find them. Your customer is your new BFF. Get to know them well.


Beyond the industry, go to sites I mentioned above. Don’t overlook the outstanding resource you have in your local library. The research librarians would love for you to chat with them. Many library systems have tons of research databases that are available online using your library card. A great example is the Columbus Metropolitan Libraryhere in Columbus, Ohio.  Look to your local library for similar assistance.


The process of defining your target market only begins here. Check out my post next month and we’ll move on to Part 2, where I’ll discuss consumer behavior and the levels of market segmentation.


Now jot down your target market best guess and start that research! 

About the Author:

Tonya Wilson
As a member of the Ohio SBDC at Columbus State, we provide entrepreneurial development assistance and business consulting to start-up, emerging, and existing business owners. In addition to one-on-on advising, we create, coordinate and promote programs and events to inspire, educate and engage individuals who wish to start or grow a small business.


The shared links are good resources for further studies on demographics, Psychographics, etc. These are great tools for digital marketers targeting a specific market. Marketers can use this knowledge for Demographics tracking implemented in Google Analytics. Sweet!
Customer is money fountainhead in business.
Customer is our God.we need to cautiously take into account everything!
Knowing your demographics is really important. Specially if you are going to add email campaign to your marketing efforts.
Starting business without determining who Kuzey Güney will be the customers is like jumping off a bridge. That's suicide, remember that as businessmen it has to be clear in our minds that starting a check up business is a serious matter and we need to carefully consider everything!
Marketing plans or system has been around for some quite time now and still considered effective. Good marketing system offer a lot of ways of the campaign itself. By just creating effective ads and by setting them at the right spot then that can catch the customer’s attention. There are also a lot of new technologies and a lot of opportunities for the marketers. You can advertise in the Internet or thru mobile phones including video marketing.
That strategy would probably another good approach to consider having "USP" is just like getting to know more about your target customers as they serve as the blood in any type of business. Homes in Philippines
Great blog! I try to tell my clients who are expanding or starting a new business to create a USP ”Unique Selling Proposition.” What does this mean? Simple…what is the key reason that customers chose to do business with you. It can be anything…product selection, cost, service, knowledgeable salespeople, or even personality. The key is understand what your USP is and make sure that your organization and efforts are alligned appropriately for your USP.
Indeed, knowing your target customer is very vital phase in such business. As they serve as the lifeblood, and serve as judge if your services are needed or not? In this case as you determine your targeted customers also determining their needed services then I would conclude that your business would aim high, marriage with perseverance and quality of work. House in Philippines
Marketing is so important that it's amazing so many people over look it, I say it day to day at Regards, video production san francisco company.


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