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Meet George Carlisle, Serving and Assisting Small Businesses in Washington, DC

Meet George Carlisle, Serving and Assisting Small Businesses in Washington, DC

By janied
Published: June 25, 2012

When a friend or family member asks what you do to help small businesses, what do you say?

I am always excited to explain to them that I work for the U.S. Small Business Administration in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan District Office as a Business Development Specialist where I service and assist small businesses within the Metropolitan area to help them manage and expand their businesses, obtaining government contracts thru the 8(a) Business Development Program and guiding them thru every stage of turning their businesses and entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving success.      

What’sGeorget Carlisle Photo your favorite thing about what the SBA does for small businesses?

The SBA’s Section 8(a) Business Development Program provides various forms of assistance in management and technical assistance, financial assistance, government contracting assistance and advocacy support to foster the growth and development of businesses owned and controlled by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. As a Business Development Specialist I am able to assist these firms during their nine-year tenure in the program in servicing them to access the resources necessary to develop their businesses and improve their ability to compete in the mainstream of the American economy.    

Is there a particular small business “success story” that comes to mind when you think about how the SBA helps people?

There is a small business in Lanham, MD named “Management Solutions Consulting Group, Inc.” This small business was interested in going after a sizable federal contract, but they did not have the resources and the experience they needed in order to successfully perform as a potential contractor on the contract. This caused a great deal of discouragement with their forecasting goals for the year. They came to our office and met with me and shared their concerns. Immediately I was able to recognize their problem and recommend a solution with one of our servicing vehicles we use in order to strengthen the support that many of our small businesses lack and the service product was  “ The SBA Joint Venture “ . I shared with them how partnering with another firm in pursuing the contract could give them the added support they needed in areas that their business was inexperienced. They agreed and thought the recommendation was great and I walked them through the entire process. They were connected with an established business within their industry and formed a Joint Venture Agreement in order to bid on the procurement. After several months, they were notified that they were awarded the contract!  This enabled them to exceed their Federal Procurement contracting goals for the year, as well as hire several new employees to the company in order to work the contract. They were excited about the SBA’s programs for small business that were available to them for their continued growth, and all I did to assist them.                   

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners out there?

Take advantage of the SBA Programs and services that are provided through their local District Offices, as they offer numerous resources to assist the small business community. The District offices realize that small businesses are the foundation of our Nation’s economy and are ready and willing to service them with their small business needs. 

Anything else to add?

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s  staff is comprised of various talented and skilled employees from various walks of life with business backgrounds, who are dedicated and work as a team so that small businesses throughout the country achieve entrepreneurial success.    

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