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Mentoring is Key to Small Business Success

Mentoring is Key to Small Business Success

By bridgetwpollack, Guest Blogger
Published: May 15, 2013


A lot has been written about why having a mentor is a good idea for entrepreneurs. One great article by Peter Cohan of Inc., gives seven reasons you need a mentor and another over on Tech Start Hub provides six. It’s clear that the experts agree: working with a mentor has a positive impact on startups.

But I want to show you evidence – hard numbers – that proves that mentorship really does create greater success for small businesses:

Thanks to a recent survey of our small business clients, we learned that in 2012 alone, SCORE’s clients started 37,054 new businesses and created 82,207 new jobs. Since 2009, 581,039 SCORE clients started enterprises, created employment opportunities or increased their revenues. Those numbers represent a huge impact in not only the success of that individual business, but also the prosperity of the U.S. economy and in local communities. This is all thanks to the hard work of our thousands of mentors across the country who meet one-on-one with hopeful or current small business owners and guide them through the obstacles and questions that they have faced themselves.

In addition to initial startup guidance, 71% of our survey respondents agreed that a long-term relationship with SCORE would be beneficial to them. And 80% agreed that they would recommend SCORE to friends or associates.

Mentoring is so effective because it is about skipping past the time and effort of “reinventing the wheel” of business ownership, and also pushing an entrepreneur’s vision beyond its normal limits. An outside perspective from someone who has been in your shoes can see the footpaths all around – the ones that scale mountains and the ones that avoid treacherous terrain.

So if you’re really ready to take your idea or business to the next level, bring in outside expertise. Connecting with a SCORE mentor is absolutely free and completely confidential. So what’s stopping you? Get in touch with a mentor today.

About the Author:

Bridget Weston Pollack

Guest Blogger

Bridget Weston Pollack is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the SCORE Association. She is responsible for all branding, marketing, PR, and communication efforts. She focuses on implementing marketing plans and strategies to facilitate the growth of SCORE’s mentoring and trainings services. She collaborates with SCORE volunteers and develops SCORE’s online marketing strategy.