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New Content - What Are We Working On

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New Content - What Are We Working On

By ZanetaB
Published: August 26, 2010 Updated: February 9, 2011

You talked and we listened. Over the last month, members of the Business.gov community have been discussing questions and concerns related specifically to their business. With these discussions there have been a few trends in discussion topics that the moderators and editors of Business.gov noticed. We are going to address these topics in Business.gov by researching and creating new pages. To start, this month, we are going to address three topics: Starting an Online Business, Exiting a Business and Business Legal Structures.

Starting an Online Business

The newly created section on Starting an Online Business will include information on the legal steps to starting and managing an online business. Specifics topics to be addressed in this section are Online Retail Stores, Freelancing Online, Affiliate Marketing Opportunities and Registering a Domain Name.

Exiting a Business

The section for Exiting a Business will include the legal steps to closing and selling a business. With the dynamic of the current economy, there have been a few discussions in the community about this subject. Therefore specific pages will be created in Business.gov on How to Close a Business and How to Sell Your Business.

Business Legal Structures

Many questions on Business Incorporation includes the discussion of the types of legal structures and pros and cons of each. New pages in Business.gov will discuss each type of legal structure, as well as compare and contrast legal structures, such as LLC vs. Corporation.

In a previous article on Self Employed and Home-Based Businesses, I talked about how we will use this community to continue to enhance the website. This is just further proof that your questions and concerns are being put to good use. That previous article, and this one, is part of a series of articles to inform you about our plans for content on Business.gov.

Stay tuned for the next article update on new content. I will discuss the future plans to update the Industries section of Business.gov, including what industries we are adding and the topics we will incorporate. Feel free to peruse through this section and start discussing possible topics.

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