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New SBA Online Course Targets Green Entrepreneurs; Offers Tips on Adopting Green Business

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New SBA Online Course Targets Green Entrepreneurs; Offers Tips on Adopting Green Business

By ngoriel, SBA Official
Published: September 12, 2012 Updated: July 13, 2016

A new focus on environmental responsibility is making it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to “make a difference.” There’s not only a huge variety of organic and eco-friendly products on retail store shelves to help Americans protect our ecosystem, but there are also vast new opportunities open to entrepreneurs who can provide green products to consumers.

This is more than a passing fad. This is big business for environmentally minded entrepreneurs. You can make your business greener and develop products and services to help others make theirs greener.

Adopting environmentally friendly and energy efficient business practices can go a long way in helping you to control costs, attract eco-sensitive customers and practice social responsibility.

There are many ways of greening your business, even if you don't produce or manufacture a green product. You can introduce green business practices into your business operations by running a green office or home office, changing to low energy light bulbs, using recyclable products and installing energy efficient equipment and systems. You can green your products by adding "green" claims and eco-labels, and by taking advantage of energy-efficient loans to upgrade your facilities. Every business can make simple changes that save energy costs and natural resources.

If you have or are interested in starting a green business, SBA has introduced a new online course that may be useful to you. The White House Council on Environmental Quality and SBA’s free online course, Recovery Through Retrofit: Creating Jobs and Saving Homeowners Money, offers training for entrepreneurs who want to enter the home energy retrofit market.

This self-paced course provides free business counseling and information for business owners launching a new business or expanding an already existing business in the energy efficiency market. It gives a broad overview of the Recovery Through Retrofit Initiative, the skills needed to make American homes more energy efficient, and the resources available to support small businesses in this industry.

The retrofit course also covers:

  • Opportunities for businesses providing retrofit services
  • Building your business to meet consumer needs
  • Background on the home energy efficiency industry and the Recovery Through Retrofit Initiative
  • Help for homeowners to finance retrofits, and
  • How to develop your plan to enter into the retrofit market

The retrofit course highlights opportunities for small business owners to serve the growing market of consumers and commercial customers who want “green” solutions, and includes the federal programs and certifications designed to spur new energy options.

Small businesses around the country can take advantage of the retrofit and other free courses from SBA, which has a full listing of self-directed online courses to help small businesses start, grow and market their products and services.

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Natale Goriel

SBA Official

Hi, my name is Natale and I'm serving as a Moderator for the SBA Community. Our goal is to continually improve this site to meet your needs, so we appreciate your feedback and participation.


I want to take this opportunity to show solidarity with all those affected by this super storm and send a very affectionate greeting from Spain.
I am a taxi operator in the Uk....very intersting article, I would love to have the first fleet of eco taxis in my district
Michael, thanks for sharing your thoughts on green businesses. I am a small business owner of a eco-friendly limousine company in Chicago and found your blog to be very informative. Green is definitely better for the environment and even better for reducing company costs. We are the first luxury green limousine service in Chicago, Illinois.
Well this online Course looks pretty good for the beginners. ______
This is a very good concept. Very nice and interesting topic. Helpful for the green business owners.
Again a great step from SBA, Appreciate your effort for helping young and new people in business. Anyways, All the best for your venture! Thanks

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