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SBA Announces New Measure to Help Get Small Business Loans Into the Hands of Veterans

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SBA Announces New Measure to Help Get Small Business Loans Into the Hands of Veterans

Published: November 8, 2013 Updated: November 8, 2013

This week, in the lead up to Veterans Day, the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) has been celebrating National Veterans Small Business Week, an initiative on the part of the SBA to reach out to veteran entrepreneurs and business owners.  We owe our nation’s veterans a debt of gratitude for their service, and we also know that as a result of their service and training, veterans are well-positioned to be successful entrepreneurs and small business owners as they transition from their military career to working as a civilian.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce a new initiative on the part of the SBA that will help get more small business loans into the hands of veterans.  Today we’re letting folks know that starting January 1 and for the rest of the fiscal year, we’ll be setting the borrower upfront fee to zero for all veteran loans authorized under the SBA Express program, which supports loans of up to $350,000.

Our nation’s veterans are highly-skilled and highly-trained leaders in their communities, and so it makes sense that after serving their country veterans would become entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our job at the SBA is to make sure that veterans have the tools and capital they need to start and grow a business. 

Of all SBA loans that go to veterans, 73 percent are $350,000 and below.  The SBA Express Loan Program, which supports loans under $350,000, is SBA’s most popular loan delivery method, with nearly 60 percent of all 7(a) loans over the past decade being authorized through the program. Since the program’s inception, it has also been one of the most popular delivery methods for getting capital into the hands of veteran borrowers.

This announcement also comes not long after we announced that for FY 2014, fees on loans for $150,000 and under are set to zero.  These initiatives make the loans cheaper for the borrower, another way SBA is looking to serve small business owners as they look for ways to access capital.

I couldn’t be more proud of our nation’s veteran entrepreneurs and small business owners and the SBA commitment to helping those who have tirelessly served our country.  We provide veterans access to business counseling and training, capital and business development opportunities through government contracts. In FY 2013, SBA supported $1.86 billion in loans for 3,094 veteran-owned small businesses.   And since 2009, the dollar amount of SBA lending support to veteran-owned firms has nearly doubled.

It’s been wonderful participating in SBA’s Veterans Small Business Week events throughout the week.  Our staff on the ground has been working with partner organizations on educational efforts, mentoring, and trainings to make sure veterans have the tools they need to start or grow their business—because it is the least we can do for those who have served.

We thank our veterans for their commitment to our country and way of life.  SBA fully supports our veteran entrepreneurs and looks forward to continuing to reach out to them through our 68 field offices across the country.


About the Author:

Rhett Jeppson
Rhett Jeppson is the Associate Administrator for SBA's Office of Veterans Business Development.


Can someone please verify for me that this program is still active and not yet expired. It is unclear to me because I am not sure how to translate this portion "Today we’re letting folks know that starting January 1 and for the rest of the fiscal year,....up to $350,000". I think this means it was "announced" 1 January 2015 and set to expire at the end of the "current" fiscal year which means the program only had a life-span of nine months assuming that by "the rest of the fiscal year" they meant the fiscal year that began 1 November of 2013. So please, anyone in plain English, is this program still active? Yes or No? And if it is not, are there any similar like programs available to Vets and Disabled Vets? Thank you...
a very useful program for veterans
Does anyone know if the best way to apply for a VA loan is through this website, or can a bank do it?
SBA doesn't loan money directly to small business owners; instead, SBA can help facilitate a loan for you with a third party lender, guarantee a bond, or help you find venture capital. Here's what you need to know about SBA's role in the loan process. 
Oops, sorry about that. Hit the reply button before I was ready. Use to, you had to go to a VA office and apply for a certificate of eligibility. If determined eligible, the VA would then issue you a certificate which you would then take to a bank to apply for the actual loan.
Unless something has changed in recent years, the VA doesn't actually give out loans, they merely guarantee loans to veterans from other financial institutions.
This was a great initiative from the SBA. This initiative will aid more to the veterans on target but not because of lack of finance should have abandoned his dream
This is a great initiative, many of the skills of old people are lost as they are rendered unemployable. We need to encourage entrepreneurship amongst all ages, young and old. That way we will have more chance of reducing unemployment and increasing economic growth. Hope 3rd world leaders are paying attention to this, as this could really be something that they should look at.
You article is well good for those persen who are doing small business.
Again a best initiative taken by SBA to further promote interests of veterans to enter business scenario. Due to lack of finances, most of the veterans tend to leave their dreams & live a life with job in the other field of no interest. This initiative will much more relief to veterans to target their goals accordingly.


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