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SBA Hosts Twitter Chat for Young Entrepreneurs on Business Start Up

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SBA Hosts Twitter Chat for Young Entrepreneurs on Business Start Up

By Tameka Montgomery, SBA Official
Published: January 31, 2014 Updated: September 2, 2016

The U.S. Small Business Administration is hosting a Twitter Chat for young entrepreneurs in recognition of National Entrepreneurship Week (February 15-22) to learn how to turn their business idea into a reality, the steps to starting a business, and the know-how needed to help their businesses succeed.

If you’re already a young entrepreneur or want to become one, this chat is for you. In fact, the chat is open to anyone considering starting a business, and to everyone who can bring their best tweeting talents.


SBA Twitter Chat on Startup Advice Young Entrepreneurs Love 
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
3 pm - 4 pm (ET)
Hashtag #sbaEweek

Participants will hear from SBA’s associate administrator for Entrepreneurial Development Tameka Montgomery. She will provide keen advice for young entrepreneurs to help them start, build and grow their small businesses from SBA’s Twitter handle, @SBAgov.

Participants will also get advice from Bridget Weston Pollack with the SBA resource partner SCORE. She will help answer questions and give valuable insight on starting a business. Her Twitter handle is @SCOREmentors.

You can also hear from genuine young entrepreneurs who have knocked down the hurdles to success. They are former SBA National Young Entrepreneur award winners:

  • 2010 winner Dan Price, co-founder & CEO of Gravity Payments – Twitter handle @DanPriceSeattle
  • 2006 winner Genevieve F. Thiers, CEO & Founder of – Twitter handle @genevievethiers

No registration is needed to take part in the chat, but you must have a Twitter account.

Test your business readiness:

Are you ready to start a business? Check out the free SBA online course Young Entrepreneurs – An Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business. It will help you understand the steps you need to get started and to be successful.

SBA’s Small Business Learning Center has a full listing of self-directed online courses to help with your business needs. 

About the Author:

Tameka Montgomery
Tameka Montgomery

SBA Official

In her role as the Agency’s Associate Administrator for the Office of Entrepreneurial Development, Tameka Montgomery is responsible for overseeing the agency’s counseling and training resources and programs for America’s entrepreneurs.


where can you register for this meeting, can you attend online?
Hi! No registration is needed to take part in the chat, but you must have a Twitter account. Please note: this event will begin at 3pm (ET) and if you would like to participate simply follow @SBAgov.  You can also add the event to your calendar by visiting[postal_code]=&distance[search_distance]=200&distance[search_units]=mile&field_event_date_value[value]=2014-02-13&field_event_date_value2[value]=2014-03-13&&&&&&&page=17 and search for the day and the event.  I hope this helps and you enjoy the webinar!
Really very glad to hear about this new initiative for young entrepreneurs. The powerful impact of Social media is really changing our lives and now, this tool to interact with millions of people is really proving beneficial for young entrepreneurs. Thanks for the post.
I'm glad the seminar will focus on not only how to start up a company but how an entrepreneur can make it successful. As a member of a local business group in Charlotte, we have seen too many starry eyed, enthusiastic young business owners at our group only to see them conspicuously absent about a year later when (presumably) their businesses failed. Sad.
Yes its a good opportunity for young & new entrepreneurs to participate, as social networking sites are great medium to help everyone to learn & do better for themselves. Just like this, there needs to be much more initiatives to invite everyone under the one roof & show positive opportunities to make them learn & grow.
You speak very well. It makes sense to me!
Hi Tameka, I think this is very helpful post for Young Entrepreneurs. As I also use twitter on regular basis for my business, I know this thing that it is time taking process for generating leads for my business & getting new tips related to my business. But I also know this thing very well that this is the right place for business purpose. So according to my experience on twitter, I will recommend you give properly some regular time on twitter for your business. And you will realize a boost in your business from your side. Thanks, Joseph Warrender
Hi, Joseph! Thank you for sharing your experience of how using Twitter has help your business! We hope you will join us for this event.
Now days social Networks is very popular and Its a great for young entrepreneurs. Its Amazing and Greate Thanks
I absolutely need this. Cannot wait to hear the great info.


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