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SBA Participates in the Millennial Trains Project Across the Country

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SBA Participates in the Millennial Trains Project Across the Country

By Tameka Montgomery, SBA Official
Published: August 7, 2014 Updated: August 7, 2014

If you take a moment to think about traveling cross country by train, you probably don’t imagine a bunch of 20-somethings riding along immersed in an intensive entrepreneurship thought session. You probably wouldn’t even think there would be a lot of entrepreneurial experiences and stories to share.

However, this August 7-17, The Millennial Trains Project will do just that. The train ride will convene young aspiring and current entrepreneurs by acting as a mobile entrepreneurial workshop traveling from Portland, Ore. all the way to New York City. Check out all the city stops.

With a busy schedule, and constant learning opportunities, this is not a tourist trip, but an innovators journey. Each day will start with an early morning briefing to prepare for the day’s events before heading to the city showcase where participants discuss their innovations.

The train ride will allow participants and virtual audiences to identify, evaluate, and explore emerging opportunities and challenges in communities across America.

After a long day of learning and contributing, riders head back to the station for leadership and reflection exercises. Dinner is then followed by more lectures and seminars.

Here at the SBA, we are so excited because this train will be spreading financial literacy, teaching new and creative entrepreneurial methods, and engaging entrepreneurs in stimulating and interesting dialogue.

Many interesting guests will be hitching a ride on the train to share their unique entrepreneurial ideas, passions, and projects such as Julia Rhee. Having grown up with parents who ran a small business, Julia works on a project called The Counter Generation -- a term that refers to a generation of people who grew up behind a store counter -- based out of San Francisco. She will discuss how mom and pop storefronts can successfully adapt to the highly digitized and globally competitive economy that we live in today.  As part of an immigrant family herself, she experienced firsthand the struggles that many face through small business ownership and she wants the rest of the world to understand the reality of entrepreneurship.

Another business, Makeway, based out of New York City, will give valuable advice to participants on how to build a strong business around customers through their research.  Makeway spent the last year talking with innovative small business owners who are building strong communities around their unique visions, but their research isn’t quite finished. They still need creative entrepreneurs like you to give them ideas and input on how to run small businesses. 

Local SBA District Office staff members will be at the designated train stop locations to aid in the entrepreneurial dialogue, help stimulate ideas, and teach elements of financial literacy to both aspiring and active entrepreneurs. 

SBA is proud to support innovative activities like this that reach new audiences. We’ve increased outreach at startup weekends and are finding new ways to combine online and real life opportunities. I’m thrilled these young Americans will be getting this valuable experience and use this exposure to become the next generation of America’s successful innovators and entrepreneurs.


About the Author:

Tameka Montgomery
Tameka Montgomery

SBA Official

In her role as the Agency’s Associate Administrator for the Office of Entrepreneurial Development, Tameka Montgomery is responsible for overseeing the agency’s counseling and training resources and programs for America’s entrepreneurs.


The excellent idea of a train entrepreneurial workshop trip is very innovative, perfect for an innovation seminar!
Each day will start with an early morning briefing to prepare for the day’s events before heading to the city showcase where participants discuss their innovations.
Thanks for the post and it was very helpful.[This post was edited to remove a link. Please review our Community Best Practices for more information about how best to participate in our online discussions. Thank you.]
Very Informative article! Thanks a ton independence day wishes
These types of small business assistance programs help us to grow.
These kinds of information help businesses like us to learn, grow, and in turn help economy to expand.
Well genuinely its truly a great initiative to motivate young entrepreneur, at the same time giving them all valuable information to help them to proceed in correct direction.

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