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By nicoj
Published: April 4, 2012 Updated: July 13, 2016

After gathering feedback in small business focus groups in Baltimore, Richmond and Washington D.C., SBA is moving ahead with a series of communication initiatives that highlight how its programs and services can help entrepreneurs. In the process, the agency’s website at is pulling in increased traffic and engaging more entrepreneurs via social media.

Using a variety of tactics, including the website, email campaigns and social media, we’re packaging and sharing information about our programs to provide small business owners with a one-stop resource built around key topics.

For example, through targeted outreach and social media, one topic -- how small businesses can sell to the federal government and tap into the $100 billion that the government awards to small businesses each year -- saw a 72 percent increase in visits to the government contracting classroom page. Those visits resulted in a 255 percent registration increase in “Gov’t Contracting 101” courses.

Another topic highlights resources for women-owned businesses and has spurred a 92 percent total increase in page views by current or aspiring women small business owners. Other topics include tips to help reduce their taxes and how to take advantage of the President’s Startup America campaign.

The SBA has listened and acted and is putting the needs of small businesses front and center to demonstrate SBA’s continued commitment to better serve the needs of the nation’s 29 million small business owners.

Interested small businesses and prospective entrepreneurs should go to  and follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Blogs.

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While many small business owners could use help to make their business more successful, the sad reality is, they too busy struggling to stay afloat and are not open to new ideas or avenues.
SBA's initiative towards enlightenment of specific section of society .i.e entrepreneurs is truly appreciative. But it is up to the young generation to accept every assistance or help provided by SBA with both hands.
We would like to thank you for this very helpful post. A lot of information for small business owners.
One topic I would love to see the SBA blog handle is that of 'best practices' for dealing with Federal & State regulations. While it's true that every industry has its own unique set of Regulations a business must follow, it would be nice if there was a set of guidelines business owners can use to abide by all necessary regulations without getting an ulcer doing so.
Understanding taxes and how to efficiently manage business costs, particularly online ones is something I think a lot of us (small business owners) need to learn more about. I'm glad to hear the SBA is looking to help entrepreneurs and help grow our economy by putting more energy into online resources.
It is about time someone looks out for us little guys.
Every Startup small businesses should begin focusing more on their SEO & social media marketing, It helps a lot to just provide value to your target market.
This is a wonderful site dedicated to the needs of the small entreprener. These small entrepreners can pack a punch ang go a long way in improving the state of the economy. They face certain peculiar problems and hence a dedicated site is of much help.
Thanks so much for the great posts. They are very helpful for our firm.
Small business in this country needs all the assistance it can get - both "soft" resources and hard financial assistance. SBA initiatives are a big help. If we could get a more diverse set of financial solutions in the hands of small business - quickly and without too much red tape - then we would see significant growth in this segment of the economy.


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