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Self Employed and Home Based Businesses

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Self Employed and Home Based Businesses

By ZanetaB
Published: March 23, 2010

In the first blog post for In the Loop, I mentioned that the Business.gov team was looking for input from the Business.gov Community on ways to expand the home-based business and self-employed business sections of the site. We asked for feedback and while we did not receive many posts in the blog article we did learn from the Business.gov Community. So here's what we have learned and how we are going to work to better serve these business owners ...

Business Owners Want Answers

While I did not receive any comments in the blog article, we certainly received feedback on what some business owners are looking for in the Self Employed & Home Based Business forum. So far we have 32 questions and answers logged into the forum ... and still counting ... and we noticed that the business owners are looking for very specific answers to not your average kind of question.

That said ... if you are new to the Business.gov community, fall into the self-employed and/or home-based business category, and are looking for answers to specific questions then we suggest you START with this forum. The Business Gateway team is working to bring in representatives from federal, state, and local government to answer questions you may have.

What's Next

By using the forums to discuss your concerns as a business owner, it helps content managers decide what topic we should address or expand resources for. For example, to answer questions we received from a few business owners on tax deductions, we collaborated with IRS to create a page on Home Office Deductions. In other words, post to the forums and more information is provided.

On that note, be on the look out for posts in our blogs ... Small Business Matters, Business Law Advisor and Loans & Grants Advisor. Every week there are new posts for small business owners on many topics. Case in point, we are currently researching and will post a blog article on Home-Based Business Licenses for the Business Law Advisor blog.

Also, if you have not already signed up for email updates, subscribe to the self-employed and home-based busines owners group to receive emails. We send the latest blog posts, government news and information, and new business.gov updates directly to you.

Therefore to recap, if you ever want to suggest a topic for the content managers to write about, please feel free to discuss it in this blog article or post a topic in the forum.

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This is great stuff Zaneta. I especially liked the post by BobK on 'Business Law Advisor.' But if you want to boost the value on what this site has to offer, I would recommend two things. 1. Once you begin to pile up all relevant information, put together a pdf that one can download and print. Like a 'Business 101' type of booklet. But please, make the text easy to read. Legal and business related papers have a tendency to clog up into big and lengthy paragraphs that are incredibly hard to read. If there is possibility for pictures, please include them. Don't get me wrong, I study physics at the University and I am familiar with 'heavy texts' so to speak. But it's one thing to read them in a subject you are familiar with. Another if you are in the middle of starting up your business and don't know where to turn. The last thing you need is a big pile of dense text in order to just get a license for example. Just thinking about the clients now. 2. Create videos on the subject. Especially if dense texts are inevitable. Videos are the media of the time, and it is a joy to have someone walk you through what to do and what not to do interactively rather than having to read through it all. This is somewhat of a project, but I believe it could pay off in the long run. Just my thoughts
ok Im here to share some knowledge, Im self employed and I work like tax prep by myself, and I use the customers house or I make appointment whit them In my house too.. If somebady would give me some info to make franchise, and if may I help some one at your service..
Thanks for the Information very informative very clear cut and to the point.......TY Netarticlez News & World Report Message Edited by NicoleD on 11-09-2009 10:07 AM
I am self-employeed guy from Nepal and earning nice income. I will surely sign up for the newsletter.RegardsMessage Edited by ZanetaB on 09-14-2009 10:35 AM
nice little article you have written here. Reads nicely and I completely agree.
I think those that work home should file for an LLC with their state so they can report their income easier. John.Small Business Web HostMessage Edited by ZanetaB on 09-14-2009 10:36 AM
I think a lot of people forget that, even if your'e working from home, you still owe uncle sam his cut of your profits :P. Omer A.MMORPG and Game Music Site OwnerVG Alliance LLC (New Jersey)Message Edited by ZanetaB on 09-14-2009 10:37 AM
Thank You very much Zaneta fOr this wonderful post .This information will prevent heart problems for manyMessage Edited by ZanetaB on 04-29-2009 05:52 PM
Thanks for the information! Being able to work from home is a dream! Good luck to everyone.. Florent Message Edited by ZanetaB on 04-30-2009 12:19 PM
May be it sounds fantastical, but do You think about support of other languages on the portal?


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