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Small Business Logistics and Distribution Made Easy

Small Business Logistics and Distribution Made Easy

By bridgetwpollack, Guest Blogger
Published: September 4, 2014

One of the trickiest pieces of the startup puzzle can be to figure out, how will all of this actually work? The logistics, that is! You’ve got a great idea for a product or service, brilliant ideas for marketing it, but how exactly will everything actually get from point A (creation) to point B (your customer)?

A well-researched and thoughtful logistics and distribution plan will save you lots of time and stress in the long run. We’ve gathered a few fantastic resources for considering everything that goes into this type of planning to make it as easy and comprehensive as possible.

Distribution 101

Entrepreneur Zeynep Ilgaz says to consider all distribution options when starting out, including the choice to completely bypass a website or physical storefront in favor of distributors. This may be a great option for certain business types; she describes the upsides saying, “Distributors will buy in bulk from you (helping you generate more revenue) and help you market and promote your products. Mastering these relationships early on has the potential to jumpstart your small business’ success.”

Check out Zeynep’s article, “Distribution 101,” to learn more about how to secure a distributor and how to maintain a strong and fruitful relationship with them.

Consider the International Option

If you haven’t already considered the viability of doing business internationally, it may be high time. Dip your toes in the water with a fun and informative webinar titled “Going Global” presented by USA TODAY columnist and author of The Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss, and Amine Khechfe, general manager and co-founder of Endicia. Together they show you the possibilities for how to take your business global and discuss topics including:

  • Why this is the best — and easiest! – time ever to take your business global
  • What you need to do to get your business ready
  • What you need to do to get your website ready
  • International shipping made easy
  • Getting a handle on exporting regulations
  • 5 rules for creating a successful global business 

Export Expertise

If after careful consideration you determine that international is the best route for your business to spread its wings, you’ll want to check out these international logistical tips from Laurel Delaney, President of, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses go global. Check out her 3 posts on the topic:

Whether your business expands overseas or stays on home soil, getting your logistics in place as early as possible will certainly pay off in the long run in quicker order fulfillments, less wasted employee time and happier customers. For one-on-one expert assistance in planning the logistics of your small business, reach out to a SCORE mentor. It’s completely free and you’ll avoid reinventing the wheel by gaining the insight of others who have tackled the logistics puzzle before.

About the Author:

Bridget Weston Pollack

Guest Blogger

Bridget Weston Pollack is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the SCORE Association. She is responsible for all branding, marketing, PR, and communication efforts. She focuses on implementing marketing plans and strategies to facilitate the growth of SCORE’s mentoring and trainings services. She collaborates with SCORE volunteers and develops SCORE’s online marketing strategy.