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Small Businesses Receive More than $90 Billion in Federal Contracts in FY11

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Small Businesses Receive More than $90 Billion in Federal Contracts in FY11

By John Shoraka, SBA Official
Published: July 3, 2012 Updated: July 19, 2016

Small business procurement is one of the largest and most important programs for small businesses across the federal government.   In FY2011 the federal government awarded more than $91.5 billion in federal contracts to small businesses, which represented 21.65 percent of small business eligible federal contract dollars.  During the first three years of the Obama Administration, the federal government awarded $286.3 billion or 22.07 percent in federal contracting dollars to small businesses.  This is a $32 billion increase over the three preceding years even as contracting spending overall has declined across the federal government. 

Federal contracting with small businesses is a win-win.  Small businesses get the revenue they need to grow their revenues and create jobs.  Meanwhile, the federal government gets the chance to work with some of the most responsive, innovative and nimble companies in the U.S. —often with a direct line to their CEO. 

SBA is required to report to the President and Congress on achievements by federal agencies and departments against their annual procurement goals to ensure greater accountability.  The Small Business Procurement Scorecard provides an assessment of federal achievement in prime contracting and subcontracting to small businesses by the 24 Chief Financial Officers Act agencies.  It also measures progress that departments are making to ensure small business opportunities remain an integral part of their acquisition of goods and services to meet mission objectives.  The FY2011 Small Business Procurement Scorecard is now available on  

The FY2011 Small Business Procurement Scorecard reflects the need for improvement in small business procurement across the federal government.   Over the last year, SBA has increased its efforts and collaboration with our federal agency partners to provide more opportunities for small business to compete for and win federal contracts, but we know more must be done to ensure that more contracts get into the hands of small businesses.  The SBA is focused on a number of initiatives to help the government meet the 23 percent goal, ensure the accuracy of data, and prevent fraud, waste and abuse, including:

  • Implementing the 19 contracting provisions related to increasing opportunities for small business contracting and minimizing fraud, waste and abuse in the programs in the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010;
  • Significantly improving the quality of small business procurement data;
  • Collaborating with White House and Administration Senior Officials to help ensure top-level leadership commitment from across the federal government to utilize small businesses;
  • Training prospective and existing small businesses to acquire the confidence and skills needed to successfully  compete for and win federal contracts through GC Classroom;
  • Conducting outreach and matchmaking events across the country to ensure that small businesses everywhere have direct access to federal buyers; and
  • Promoting Small Business Partnerships, such as with the IBM Foundation's Supplier Connection to help make it easier for small businesses to gain access to more than $300 billion in combined supply chain spending by a consortium of 17 of America's largest corporations.

Small businesses are an integral part of our economic recovery. SBA and the Obama Administration will continue to provide small business owners the necessary tools to ensure they have the wind at their back, enabling them to grow and create jobs.

For more information about the Small Business Procurement Scorecard, visit

About the Author:

John Shoraka
John Shoraka

SBA Official

John Shoraka is the Associate Administrator for Government Contracting and Business Development at the U.S. Small Business Administration.


Thanks for giving the information about Small Business Jobs Act. After reading your post, I got so useful information. I will share this post with all of my friends.
I’m very happy to see that Government starts the Small Business Job Act. It is so good for the people. Thanks for giving the useful information. I will share this info with all of my friends.
Not sure if this would still fly today.
I really appreciate the efforts government is taking for helping small businesses. I am a small business owner and really appreciate the work you guys are doing. I keep checking your articles to get new updates. I never knew that you guys have resources for Government Contracting. I just opened the link provided by you and it looks that I have a lot of new stuff to learn. Thanks again for helping small business guys like me.
I am glad to see the emphasis on Small Businesses winning government contracts. Small Businesses are one of the driving forces of our economy. I was a little disappointed that with all of the emphasis, the amount awarded to Small Businesses has been decreasing the past two years. It was $96.8 Billion in 2009 and $93.2 Billion in 2008. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I do wonder why with all of the increased government spending on the economic recovery there were actually fewer dollars awarded to small businesses?
This is really great for small businesses. I believe that such resources as the SBA would be very beneficial as well to help keep small businesses thriving. We can always give out loans, however, the businesses has to stay afloat to keep the economy going.

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