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Small Businesses Win in SBA’s FY2013 Federal Procurement Scorecard

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Small Businesses Win in SBA’s FY2013 Federal Procurement Scorecard

By John Shoraka, SBA Official
Published: August 1, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2016

For the first time in 8 years, the federal government has met its annual 23% goal for small business contracting thanks to the SBA and President Obama’s commitment to ensuring small businesses earn federal contracts. This has resulted in more than $83 billion dollars of revenue for small businesses, the engine and innovators of our resilient economy.

This is a groundbreaking and proud achievement for the federal government and especially for our small businesses. When small businesses win federal contracts, it strengthens the American job market and boosts our nation’s economy. When small businesses are able to play an integral role in the federal supply chain, it’s a win-win for America.

Federal agencies are collaborating with SBA and the Administration to enhance small businesses access to federal contracts, and it’s a team effort that’s working. For example, for the first time under the current Scorecard methodology, three federal agencies received an A+ grade, and an additional 17 received an A grade. The three top performers were the Department of Interior, the Department of Transportation, and the Office of Personnel Management. Despite shifting budgetary priorities and a decline in overall spending, the federal government was still successful in increasing the overall percentage of contracts that were awarded to small businesses.

Further strides have been achieved in the government wide scorecard. In FY 2013, small disadvantaged firms received 8.6 percent of all federal contracts, totaling $30.6 billion dollars. As a result, we are making progress in underserved communities that were hit hardest by the Recession. We also honored our commitment to our American heroes, our veterans. The federal government exceeded its 3 percent contracting goal for small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans. These businesses received 3.4 percent of federal contracts, totaling more than $12 billion dollars.

President Obama and SBA Administrator Contreras-Sweet are committed to making small business contracting a government-wide priority. The success of programs like QuickPay are just a small example of how this Administration is committed to the success of our nation’s small business, by ensuring they have the capital they need to succeed. That is why we have renewed our commitment to it and expanded it to include federal subcontractors. And after having the government lead by example, we have partnered with several private companies to create the SupplierPay initiative, which encourages them to quickly pay the small businesses in their supply chain.

With this 23 percent achievement, continued progress is essential and the SBA is here to help. We stand alongside your small business to be Smart, Bold, and Accessible. Therefore, we are present to empower you as a small business owner and help you win federal contracts. The SBA is here to help you reach the great potential of your small business.

Contact your local SBA Offices to learn further about earning your share of federal contracting. You can also visit our GC Classroom, which is SBA’s collection of online contracting courses to help prospective and existing small businesses understand the basics about contracting with federal agencies.

About the Author:

John Shoraka
John Shoraka

SBA Official

John Shoraka is the Associate Administrator for Government Contracting and Business Development at the U.S. Small Business Administration.


Congratulations! I appriciate you, You've helped me a lot in building a new small business and that changed my life. My mind is changed, of course in a right way. Thank you.
Thank SBA for continued support to small busineses nationwide
Can you direct me to the full goals report by agency and set-aside. I'd like to see the details. I am also trying to break into the single/sole source acquisitions by agencies. I've added some unique skills in the area of Cyber-Security to my company's professional profile and you don't see them on that list of opportunities.
Congratulation SBA and federal government for their incentives and strategies to develop small businesses. The initiative will not only boost the economic development of the country but will also generate hundreds of new employments.
Congratulations! I appriciate you, You've helped me a lot in building a new small business and that changed my life. My mind is changed, of course in a right way. Thank you.
Thank you very much for this post, I hope there are better programs for small businesses, I am starting a star up placement of car alarms and hopefully can find more facilities to develop myself. regards
Over the years, I've been with 3 companies that went from start-up to huge success. It was with the help and programs of SBA. I love to hear stories like this. Kudos!!! Rob Ocean Breeze Recovery [Link removed from here]
Truly miraculous job done by extending support by both federal as well as SBA team. We all wish them to carry forward this noble job & help small found business to grow more.
Congratulations SBA!! You've come a long way, thank you for your continued support to small businesses nationwide! To the Administration for the signing of the NDAA, the initiation of the Women's Procurement Set Aside Program and agency small business specialists advocating on behalf of small businesses, I thank you!

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