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State Issues that Affect the Survival of your Small Business

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State Issues that Affect the Survival of your Small Business

By JamieD
Published: August 24, 2010

Aside from the economy and your knowledge and operational skills as a business owner, certain outside factors will affect your busines;s success- some of which are based purely on your busines-s location.

Each state has different laws that regulate the types and amount of business taxes you pay, the regulatory cost of business operations, employer health insurance requirements, and other state issues like unionization and local government spending.

In the coming weeks we'll provide you with a guide that shows what and how these regulations and issues affect small business survival across the country. Hopefully these articles will give business owners a better understanding of what to expect from their state when starting a business.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts and feedback on state-specific issues that have affected your business.

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