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Urban Economic Forum: Helping Entrepreneurs Create an Economy Built to Last

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Urban Economic Forum: Helping Entrepreneurs Create an Economy Built to Last

By ngoriel, SBA Official
Published: February 29, 2012 Updated: August 6, 2015

Earlier this month, the White House Business Council and SBA held an Urban Economic Forum in New York City to help small businesses create an economy built to last. The Urban Economic Forum is a multi-city series designed to connect urban entrepreneurs and business owners to local and national resources and networks they need to start, grow and create jobs.  The next city we are hitting up is Birmingham, Alabama on March 5.

The Urban Economic Forum in Birmingham will be live streamed at White House Live and you can follow and join the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #UrbanEconForum.  The forum kicks off at 10 AM EDT with Birmingham Mayor William Bell. Next up, we’ll have three panel discussions:

  1. Profiling the Urban Entrepreneur
  2. Investing in Urban Entrepreneurs
  3. The Case for Urban Entrepreneurs

Speakers and panelists for this forum include:

  • Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, White House
  • Marie Johns, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Ari Matusiak, Executive Director, White House Business Council, White House
  • Chris Masingill, Federal Co-Chairman of the Delta Regional Authority
  • Susan Matlock, President and CEO, Innovation Depot
  • George French, President, Miles College
  • Joshua Watkins, Executive Director, Birmingham Angel Network
  • Kim Nelson, Executive Director of eGovernment, Microsoft
  • Bill Horton, President, Regions Bank
  • Christopher C. Womack, Executive Vice President and President of External Affairs for Southern Company

The next Urban Economic Forum is scheduled for March 22 in Los Angeles, California.  Stayed tuned for more information.

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SBA Official

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I have checked out White House Live before and it is quite a nice resource. Can't speak specifically to the Urban Economic Forum, but if its anything like their other events its worth checking into.
Couldn't find any info on the events mentioned in this article, then realized this article is from 2012. Duh.
love it! very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thanks for sharing information that is actually helpful.
thank for your post, It will help me very much
Very good article and useful. Thanks.
This site is one of the best I have found.
I've went to this forum myself and i have to say it was helpful for my small business. It is great to talk about this as a whole.
I was having issues accessing the Birmingham stream at the White House Live link above. I'm currently in Canada, and I wonder if that could have been the reason (I spend 6 months in a year here with my chiropractic practice)

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