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Veterans Can Make Great Franchise Owners

Veterans Can Make Great Franchise Owners

By FranchiseKing, Guest Blogger
Published: November 18, 2014

Veterans bring lot of great things to the table.

They’re trained, disciplined, focused and they already know how to obey rules.

The ability to follow the rules goes a long way in franchising. That’s because the franchise business model is a rigid one; there are a lot of rules. There’s a thick operating manual that must be followed. The franchise contract itself includes pages of do’s and don’ts for franchisees. Do you know why franchises have lots of rules, and lots of specific procedures?

Go To McDonald’s

To see why rules are so important in franchising, all you have to do is go to a McDonald’s restaurant…or a similar fast food franchise restaurant in your home town. Study the menu. Order something to eat. Look around the restaurant. Insert the observations you make in your memory.

The next time you’re travelling, stop by a McDonald’s restaurant. Look at the menu. Order the same thing you ordered at your local McDonald’s. Look around a bit. Notice how your food tastes the same? Notice that the menu is the same. Can you see how similar the building and the décor is to the one at home?

That’s what franchising brings to the table. Franchising provides a consistent experience for customers. The only way to maintain that consistency is to have very specific rules that every franchisee in the system has to follow.   

Franchising Is Not For Everyone

That includes veterans.

Veterans (and non-veterans) need to have a clear understanding of what franchising is and how it works. They also have to do great research. They have to have enough capital. And, they have to want to be in business for themselves.

In addition, no one should buy a franchise unless they are 100% committed to working really, really, hard. No one should buy a franchise unless they’re 100% committed to following the franchise system.

Why Veterans Can Make Great Franchise Owners

Veterans are uniquely suited to run a franchise business operation. Possibly more than most people. It’s because of how veterans are trained in the military. Rule-following is a must when someone is in the military, and veterans are used to it. The moment they enter boot camp, it’s rules, rules and more rules.  In addition, everything they needed to do was laid out for them in a manual. 

That’s why most veterans, when they start learning about franchising, understand the model right away.

Veterans leave the service armed with discipline, a strong work ethic and a lot of ambition.

Franchises Like To Recruit Veterans

Hundreds of franchises welcome military veterans with open arms. Some of them offer special incentives for veterans. The most common incentive is a discount on the franchise fee*.

There is actually a specific program in franchising that’s focused on bringing veterans into the fold. It’s called VetFran, and it was started by the IFA in 1991 by Don Dwyer, Sr. (USAF, Ret.), and founder of The Dwyer Group.

The VetFran program includes over 600 IFA member companies offering financial incentives like the one I mentioned above, along with training and mentoring to veterans interested in franchise business ownership.

Veterans Resources

Caron Beesley, a writer for, just wrote an article featuring several resources for veterans wanting to get into business. One of the things she wrote about is called VetCap.

VetCap (capital for veterans) holds national workshops that are focused on educating veterans on where and how to raise capital. The workshops also connect veterans to a network of financial sources. You can read Caron’s article in its entirety for a list of resources and programs available for veterans who want to start businesses here.

Franchising could make sense for a lot of veterans who are returning from overseas.

There are plenty of resources available to them if they’re interested in pursuing franchise ownership.

*Non-US Government link

About the Author:

Joel Libava

Guest Blogger

The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, is the author of Become a Franchise Owner! and recently launched Franchise Business University.