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Want to Start a Gaming Business? First Check the Law

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Want to Start a Gaming Business? First Check the Law

By JamieD
Published: April 6, 2010

Want to Start a Gaming Business? First Check the Law

Gaming businesses are highly regulated, however, there continues to be confusion on the laws that regulate the industry. To help small business owners that deal with gambling or gaming operations, or are considering joining the field, we've provided a basic list of resources that will help you understand these regulations.

Comply with State Laws

If you want to start a gaming business, the first step is understanding the gaming regulations in your area. Each state has its own specialized laws relating to all gaming, gambling, and lotteries. Because these laws are so specific, most states have an agency or office dedicated to gaming compliance, for example, the Nevada Gaming Commission; State Gaming Control Board or the California Gambling Control Commission. Visit your stat-s government website to find the overseeing agency in your area.

National organizations and media outlets can also provide useful information on these laws:

State Gaming Organizations*- The American Gaming Association provides a list of gaming organizations in each state.

State-by-State Gaming Laws*' The Washington Post provides an interactive map that examines the major gaming laws according to state and category including: pari-mutuel betting, lotteries, charitable games, Indian casinos, and commercial casinos.

Comply with Federal Laws

Gaming activity is also regulated by the federal government; however, there is no single agency in charge of legislation and enforcement. Laws such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which regulates online gambling, and anti-lottery laws, which regulate lottery promotion, are a few examples of national gaming regulations.

W've compiled a list of government and non-government resources that provide useful information on national gaming laws:

American Gaming Association* - Provides information on federal and legislative issues that affect gambling and casino operation.

National Indian Gaming Commission' U.S. Agency responsible for regulating all Indian gaming businesses

Other Considerations

I's also important to consider the additional taxes some states require of the gambling and gaming industry. Some states tax operations related to these fields. Examples of these include fees on slot machines, amusement games, and raffles. Examples of stat's requiring additional taxes include Washington and Nevada. Be sure to visit your stat's gaming control agency to review the legal fees and taxes that are required in your state.

Need more assistance?

If you plan to start a gaming business, consult with a small business lawyer or a person from your stat's gaming agency that can provide you with specific information on the gaming laws in your area.

*Directs user to a non-government website.

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great article
This is great article and, you also can find game developers on talkarcade forum or mochimedia.
Yes, I agree with you. we have to study the law in cluding tax when we want to run business. I had problems about this becuase I didn't plan carefully. Thanks for sharing.

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