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Welcome to the Business Loans & Grants Advisor

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Welcome to the Business Loans & Grants Advisor

By BobK
Published: March 3, 2009

The most common question asked by small business owners is how to get a business loan or grant from the government. In fact, one third of all visitors to Business.gov are looking for financial assistance.

The current economic conditions have changed the nature of these questions from how to get financing to start a business to how to get financing to help my business survive. In addition, the recent economic stimulus has increased the number of inquiries about financial help available to small businesses.

Business.gov has created a several guides and tools to help small business owners located information on loans, grants and other financing programs:

1. Loans and Grants Search – this tool helps small business owners find financing programs for which they might qualify.

2. Loans and Grants Guide – these resources describe available government-backed financing programs and how to obtain a loan or grant.

3. Loans and Grants Discussion Board – business owners can ask questions about government loan and grant programs by posting them to this publicly accessible message board.

This blog is intended to round out our offerings on loans and grants information by providing timely updates on new or expanding small business financing programs, the economic stimulus, and new resources and programs of interest to small business owners.

Upcoming topics that will be discussed in this blog include

  • Information on the economic stimulus
  • Truth about government grants
  • Grants and loans for child care businesses
  • Financing for women and minority owned enterprises
  • Venture capital programs
  • Energy efficiency financing and tax incentives

We welcome your suggestions for additional topics, and of course, we will continue to be inspired by your questions and feedback.

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