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Welcome to In the Loop

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Welcome to In the Loop

By ZanetaB
Published: February 10, 2009 Updated: November 21, 2014

Have you ever wanted updates on business news, events and current issues from across federal and state government? Have you visited the business.gov website only to wonder what's new and when more pages would appear?


With all the other blogs out that give advice about small business for business owners, the Business Gateway team decided that it was time to introduce a blog that will keep business owners in the loop about what is happening on the Business.gov site and across government.

In the Loop, will feature blog posts about what's new in Business.gov, as well as what's coming up. In return, we hope that you will participate by letting us know what you think or if you require more information.

To get us started, the team is currently looking to expand the home-based business and self-employed business sections of the site. If your business currently based at home or you are self-employed, we want to hear from you. Besides advice and tips, what types of information on these topics would you want to read more about?

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.... please
these topics would you want to read more about? ???

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