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What's Everyone Talking About? Update

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What's Everyone Talking About? Update

By NicoleD
Published: March 23, 2010 Updated: April 15, 2011

We first posted a summary of Community Hot Topics back in early April. One month later, the Community has gained an additional 800 members and the conversation is going strong. We’ve also added a new board, Small Business Events, with notices of upcoming conferences, workshops and online chats.

Here is a quick summary of recent discussion trends across all the Community boards:

Hot Boards

  • Loans, Grants, and Taxes is still the most popular discussion board. Now that tax season has ended, many users are focused on grant opportunities.
  • The Starting and Registering board is buzzing with questions surrounding business structures (legal entities), particularly the benefits and limitations of LLCs.
  • We’ve also had some members express interest in a board devoted to marketing and advertising. If you’re interested in that idea, or have some ideas of your own, please submit them to the Business.gov team via the Idea Exchange.

Hot Threads


You can share your experiences by replying to these hot topics, or by creating your own thread. Keep the discussions going and we’ll post another update soon!

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Obiously money matter will be most discussed part. Mainly loans and taxex. People want more loan and want to pay less tax and its our natural habbit.E-Business is growing rapidly and getting traffic is main issue for webmasters. Also, many scams are there. So, we need to be careful. Regards Message Edited by CharlotteW on 09-14-2009 03:29 PM

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