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What's Everyone Talking About? Update

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What's Everyone Talking About? Update

Published: January 18, 2010 Updated: May 13, 2011

While 2009 draws to close, the Community is buzzing with new business ideas. Members are looking into different business areas like exporting and franchises. Read on for more insights and resources on these topics.


Exporting U.S. Goods

Imports and exports are one of the ways small business owners are taking advantage of the increasingly interconnected global economy. Members are asking questions about various aspects of exporting to foreign countries, so if you have an answer or have a similar question, please feel join in the conversations:


Business.gov also offers a wealth of resources regarding exporting goods. Read more about them in the following blogs:


Managing Franchise Opportunities

A franchise can be a great business opportunity - just remember to do extensive research on the franchise and relevant laws before you commit. Have a question about franchising? Read these conversations, or start your own in the Community:

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