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What's Everyone Talking About? Update

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What's Everyone Talking About? Update

Published: January 18, 2010 Updated: May 13, 2011

Recession Tactics

Please share your thoughts with the Business.gov Community about one effective tactic you've taken in response to the recession. There's not much time left before this thread closes, so submit your ideas before November 3.


Starting a Business in Different Industries

Starting any business is a challenge, but things can get even more complicated if your industry is highly regulated. Luckily, our Community members are here to help! Members are helping each other find local and federal resources to get their unique businesses up and running. Have a question about your industry? Post a question! Have info to share? Read some of these threads, and offer your own advice:


Calling all Business Finance Experts

As always, the bottom line counts. This month's questions about taxes, salary, and loans were challenging, but members still gave a lot of insightful advice! If you have more ideas, please feel free to contribute your thoughts in these conversations:


Business Planning Tutorials

Every day, members post questions in the Community about business planning. Tim Berry, one of The Industry Word authors, has created a series of 13 videos to help small business owners start out on the right foot, especially with forming business goals, prioritizing, planning,

management, and forecasting. Click here to take a look! Have comments or questions? Post them here.


Building Online Businesses

We continue to have a lot of great discussions in the community dealing with online businesses - whether it is about company websites, online advertising, partnerships, or loans. Check out our hottest threads:



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