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Workplace Poster Requirements

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Workplace Poster Requirements

By JamieD
Published: March 23, 2010

Federal and state laws require employers to prominently display certain labor law posters. Posting all required notices at your business location is a simple but important regulation to uphold.

What are workplace posters?

These posters are designed to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities established by law. They include a wide range of issues such as equal employment opportunity laws as well as the fair labor standards and family medical leave acts. Workplace posters should be displayed in an appropriate location so that they are highly visible and accessible by all employees.

Who is required to display posters?

All employers operating a business are required to comply with workplace posting requirements. Certain businesses and locations are subject to display more posters than others. Exact guidelines detailing who is required to post each poster should be consulted on an individual basis.

How do I know which posters are required for my business?

Posting requirements vary by state and statute so be sure to look into federal and state requirements for your specific business and location. The elaws Poster Advisor is a tool that assists employers in finding which Federal poster(s) apply to their business.

For state posters, visit the Workplace Posters page to find a link to your state's requirements.

I run a home-based business. Am I required to display posters in my home?

Even as a home-based employer, you are still obligated to display posters informing employees of their legal rights. If your employees work out of your home, you are required to display workplace posters in the area of your home that serves as a work area. Additionally, local governments require that home-based businesses display their business permits in a prominent place.

All my employees work remotely or at home. How do comply with poster requirements?

If you run a virtual office, you should mail these postings to your employees or make them available online at your online office space. In most cases employers are required to provide workers with the actual posters and that the intranet sites supplement their efforts to comply with the laws and keep workers informed.

Do I need to pay for posters?

The U.S. Department of Labor's workplace posters are free and downloadable from the DOL Web site.

You may have come across websites that offer packages of all required posters for a small fee. While these sites may or may not be genuine, they are certainly not necessary. All required posters are available through federal and state labor agencies at no cost.

Where do I order posters?

Posters can be obtained through federal and state labor agencies. The easiest way to get a workplace poster is by visiting the website of the proper agency.

For federal requirements related to employment laws, visit the U.S. Department of Labor. Here you can print electronic copies of each poster or use contact information to request printed copies.

For local posters, you must visit your state's official labor department. The Workplace Poster page provides links to the correct sites for posters in each state and territory.

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I didn't even know there were requirements for these posters. Thanks for the info
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Whew. Thanks for the heads up. I've been wondering whether my small business needed these posters up. I better get myself one of those packs soon!
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