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Is Your Small Business Mobile Ready?

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Is Your Small Business Mobile Ready?

By mbramble, Contributor
Published: January 20, 2016

More and more people are browsing, shopping, and doing business on their phones and tablets. Currently, 11.3% of the digital population uses mobile only, compared to 10.6% desktop only use*. This may not seem significant now but these numbers will continue to grow as mobile capabilities advance and mobile devices become more and more integral to day-to-day life.  Seriously, if you are not mobile ready you are missing an opportunity to connect with mobile users who may be future customers and partners.

So how do you get started? You see, mobile is really about your audience. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Optimize Your Website

There are simple steps that you can take to optimize your website. Not all devices have flash capability. Not using it or working with a flash alternative will make your site more compatible with all mobile devices. Extremely high-resolution photos and colored backgrounds can also hinder viewing. Optimize your photos for the web, so that they don’t take forever to load. Chances are your audience is not going to wait for that. In the same vain colored backgrounds can hinder, not help the image download process, so keep it simple.

Now as far as responsive vs. adaptive, that really depends on what your users are coming to your mobile site for. (More about personas below). If you are going with adaptive you’ll need user personas to understand where and what content to put on your mobile site.

Keep Online Listings Up-to-Date

When I’m not in front of my computer the first thing that I do when I’m looking for a restaurant, shop, or business referral is check out online reviews.

Make sure you update all your business directory listings to include a simple description of your services, your hours of operation, your phone number, your address and a link to your website. Additionally if there are any other industry specific databases, make sure that your information is uploaded there as well.

Build Personas

Mobile users have different goals and content priorities than desktop users ​and many times they prefer different content formats ​than desktop users. Putting together personas will help inform your mobile strategy. As previously mentioned if you are using an adaptive template, user personas are essential for ensuring you have the right content. Your mobile site analytics should also inform your content decisions as well.

Take a look at your contacts and identify trends about how they find and consume your content. Did they request a quote through your website? Were they referred through a friend? Or did they find you online? Your website analytics will also help you sort out these questions.

When creating forms for your website, use form fields that will help you capture important persona information. Take into consideration your sales team's feedback on the leads they're interacting with most. What generalizations can they make about the different types of customers you serve best?

Once you have all this information, identify patterns and use the personas to tailor your content.

*Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, March 2015 (Traffic data captured by the platform)​

About the Author:

Mariama Bramble



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These are all great tips! Another suggestion for your readers is to make sure that each of their services or product pages has a clear CTA or Call-To-Action. So often a business doesn't clearly state what it is they want the visitor to do when they arrive on the site.
Apps are as useful as their reach. Here is the truth of marketing: Whatever the quality of your campaign, it seems to be the delivery that makes it successful. In order to make sure that your mobile app lives up to its ROI potential, it is import to invest in a well-designed mobile marketing strategy, leading to thousands of downloads when properly leveraged.
It is absolutely critical for your business website to be mobile friendly, as most studies reveal that more people search on mobile devices as compared to desktop computers.
The next 10 years will be the breathing ground for mobile businesses. Now is the time for small businesses to get involved as to build a presence online and mobile. Thanks for sharing Mariama Bramble.
Indeed half of traffic is from mobile and tablet device,so is conveninet for you to optimize your website for mobile devices.Good source article.Thanks!
Yes it true, that advent of internet has led many small business holders to advertise their businesses in a best possible manner. But positive spirit & correct slogan can make way for a better business propaganda.
The internet is so convenient and advantageous today! I think that every business, regardless of small or large should take advantage of this to run their work smoothly. From promoting their services to introducing their slogans, all need the appearance of the Internet!

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