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Regional Advocates

Giving small employers a voice early in the process is key to reducing the negative impact of regulations on small businesses, increasing the level of regulatory compliance, and passing on cost savings to state economies. Regional Advocates help identify regulatory concerns of small business by monitoring the impact of federal and state policies at the grassroots level.

Map of United States showing the country divided into different regions

  • Advocacy Article

    Contact your Regional Advocate

    The relationship between America's small businesses and the Chief Counsel for Advocacy is strengthened by regional advocates located in SBA's ten regions. They are the Chief Counsel's direct link...

  • Advocacy Article

    Regional Roundtables Focused on Women...

    During the last week in June 2011, the Office of Advocacy hosted a series of roundtable discussions in each of the ten SBA regions. The events, convened by Advocacy’s Regional Advocates, brought...