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Lender Reporting

  • SBA Form 1502 and Instructions

    Instructions for Form 1502 SBA Form 1502

  • Instructions for 1502 Lender Reporting

    SBA FORM 1502 FEE CALCULATOR INSTRUCTIONS The 1502 FEE CALCULATOR has been provided in Excel format. The 1502 FEE CALCULATOR is intended to assist in the calculation of SBA's on-going servicing fee...

  • 1502 Reporting Status Codes

    SBA Form 1502- Status Code Descriptions Current - interest paid-to-date is less than 31 days from the month ending date. For example, loanls interest is paid to 3/2/YY for the period ending 3/31/YY...

  • 1502 Resources

    View the following 1502 Reporting resources: 1502 Fee Calculation File (XLS) Colson Services website

  • SBA Info Notice - Revised Instruction for...

    The U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has made minor revisions to the instructions for SBA Forms 1086 and 1502. The Secondary Participation Guaranty Agreement, Form 1086, is used in the 7(a...

  • SBA Form 1502

    SBA Form 1502(XLS)