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This section covers general lender liquidation guidelines.

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    NGPC Liquidation Processing

    How will the NGPC process your case This Center will utilize Loan Resolution Teams to manage cases. Upon receipt of your request for action, your request will be assigned to a team for resolution....

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    Preparing a Liquidation Plan

    Prior to initiating recovery procedures, Lenders are strongly encouraged to prepare a comprehensive liquidation plan based on the facts known and reasonable assumptions. As a guide, you may refer...

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    Care & Preservation of Collateral Tabs ...

    View the Care and Preservation of Collateral (CPC) Tabs.

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    Offer in Compromise Tabs (OIC Tabs)

    View the Offer In Compromise (OIC) Tabs.

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    Sale-Release of Collateral

    Lender’s actions must at all times be prudent, lawful and commercially reasonable, and consistent with the lenders practice on its non-SBA loans. For all servicing/liquidation actions not requiring...