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CDC/504 Authorization Package Templates

View the following 504 authorization wizard, boilerplate, and authorization file library below.

  • 504 Authorization Wizard

    W504v2009.1.exe and W504v2009.1W7.exe-- the 504 Wizard Setup Program. The 504 Wizard Setup Program will install the Wizard, Boilerplate and sample documents on your workstation. Tip -- If you are...

  • 504 Boilerplate

    A504v2009.1.pdf -- The National 504 Authorization Boilerplate. The Boilerplate -- not the Wizard -- is the reference document pertaining to the Authorization. Tip -- If you have already installed...

  • 504 Authorization File Library

    The file library contains all Authorization-related files available on this Web page. A link that points to more information is usually provided within the file description. Click on a file name...