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Working with The SBA

  • Become an SBA Lender

    Banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and other specialized lenders participate with SBA on a deferred basis to provide small business loans that are structured under 7(a) guidelines. Lending...

  • How to Participate in the PLP

    View the resources below for more information on how to participate in the PLP.

  • How to Participate in the CLP

    View the resources below for more information on how to participate in the CLP.

  • Other Partnerships with SBA

    The information below details other available partnerships with SBA.

  • Become an Express Lender

    SBAExpress features an accelerated turnaround time for SBA review; a response to an application will be given within 36 hours. About the Program Maximum Loan Amount: $350,000 Maximum SBA Guaranty %...

  • Advertising Your SBA Relationship

    See the instructions and image file below for using this SBA Lender graphic.

  • Franchise Findings

    SBA attorneys have assembled a listing of Issues of Eligibility they have identified in various franchise/license/dealer/jobber or similar agreements (Agreements), which SBA calls Franchise...

  • Franchise Registry Approved Brands

    When an Applicant for SBA financial assistance has or will have a franchise, license, dealer, jobber or similar relationship and such relationship (or product, service or trademark covered by such...

  • SBA One

    SBA One is an automated lending platform that serves to take the mystery out of SBA Lending by streamlining the lending process.