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Become Energy Efficient

Did you know that there are a number of resources available from ENERGY STAR and other organizations that can help your business improve its energy efficiency? Explore these resources.
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    Choosing a Contractor

    The selection of experienced, competent contractors and other energy professionals is critical to the success of your energy-efficiency project(s). Here are some guidelines to aid you in choosing a...

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    Financing Energy Efficiency Projects

    Access to capital for an energy-efficiency upgrade need not be an issue. Some upgrades require little funding. For those that do require investment, don't worry; there are many traditional and non...

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    Managing Energy Efficiency Projects

    The size and complexity of the energy-efficiency project your business undertakes will most likely be the main factor in deciding who will manage the project. For something as simple as replacing...

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    Prioritizing Energy Efficiency Projects

    You may wonder, "Where should I start?" Do I replace one piece of equipment or system at a time? Or, should I do a comprehensive upgrade of my entire facility? The answer will vary depending on...

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    Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

    A tax credit can provide significant savings. It reduces the amount of income tax you have to pay. Unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax, a tax credit directly...