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Calculate Energy Savings

Assess the savings potential of your business. Get tools and resources to help you calculate energy savings from your energy efficient upgrades.
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    Assess Your Savings Potential

    You can't see energy, so it can be difficult to visualize the potential savings lying undiscovered in your facility. However, you can see and easily understand those utility bills you receive each...

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    Financial Analysis

    It always pays to do your homework before investing in energy-efficient equipment such as ENERGY STAR qualified products. What products and equipment really work? How much will it cost to install?...

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    Energy Saving Calculators from ENERGY STAR

    ENERGY STAR qualified products are equal to or better than standard products of the same type, but the good news is they use less energy! And since they use less energy, ENERGY STAR qualified...

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    Indirect Energy Saving Benefits

    Saving More Than You Know When you invest in energy efficiency, the benefits go far beyond saving energy and money, and protecting the environment by helping prevent pollution and greenhouse gas...